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Serial high frequency switching mode power supply for battery im

6 frequent blackoutsregion charging method 6.1current limitvalue parameters to adjust current switching power supply for battery charging current limit value is set for general 0.1C10A,it is proposed to adjust for the 0.
15~0.2C10A( should make corresponding adjustments according to the season ) ,but the maximum charging current is not more than 0.25C10A ,so as to shorten the charging time ,increase the battery charging stage is filled in electricity .
6.2proper extension ofequalization charging time according to the base station power frequency and time ,if the power is out more and outage time long ,recommendations for the switch power supply of equalization charging time discriminating parameters ( charging time and charging current value discriminant ) adjusted ,extension of equalization charging time ,can be set to extend 20%~30%;another suggested that adjusting switching power supply equalization charging time set ,the original set of general 3 monthstime adjustment for 1 months or less,the battery equalization charging .
6.3 to improve thelow voltage protection setting value on the base combination switch power supply battery undervoltage protection setting voltage value is reset ,improving battery under-voltage protection setting voltage ,try to avoid battery discharge and depth of discharge ( small current discharge ) ,set specific requirements are as follows ,switch The source of a power set voltage requirement of not less than 46V ,under the two electricity setting voltage must be greater than 44V ,suggested settings in 44.
4V. onthe load current is less than 1/3I10A base station,the discharge time as far as possible, not more than 24h ,shall be cut off. The concrete in the switching power supply is arranged with 6.
4 onhas been vulcanized battery to sulfur removal to begin charging ,if the battery charging voltage on the high side, illustrate the battery internal resistance is too great. If battery voltage is low, illustrate the battery power .
The battery charging for 2~3 hours ,then the battery charging voltage detection, observation battery charging voltage changes. If the battery charging voltage changes from high to low ,illustrate the battery internal resistance is reduced ,can have the probability of continued use ,if is the battery charging voltage is still high ,maintain higher charging voltage ,Baidu said split, change a place maybe Baidu had been removed _ to the _ Sina blog...,that accumulator vulcanized seriously, for curing severe battery to do except sulfide maintenance.
7 ambient temperaturemaintenance 7.1 battery temperatureand internal resistance of the battery when the battery temperature relationship ,electrolyte activity strengthen ,the internal resistance of the battery is reduced ;when the battery temperature is lowered, the electrolyte activity weakened, the internal resistance of the battery is increased .
A large number of test data sheet Ming ,when at low temperature ( 25?),battery internal resistance with temperature changes significantly ;when the temperature is high ( 25 ?),battery internal resistance with temperature changes slowly .
Therefore ,as required under the standard temperature of battery internal resistance of battery internal resistance ,deal with the measured temperature correction in floating manner .The valve regulated lead-acid batteries ,when the temperature rises ,due to internal resistance is reduced, the floating charge current increases ,The education of love fourth chapters,the conductive element of corrosion ,and the service life is reduced.
On the other hand ,when the temperature is low ,on the internal resistance of the battery to the load increases ,will not be able to release energy .So ,VRLA battery temperature monitoring and the environment temperature is very necessary.
But also the need for a charging voltage temperature compensation ,in order to avoid high temperature and low temperature charge under charging .. 7.2 floating charge voltageand temperature dependence of the battery after putting into use ,first of all to be charged ,i.
e. all charge. At 25 ? the voltage value of 2.35+/-0.02V ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings,charging time in 16~20 hours .If not in the standard temperature should amend the charging voltage ,only in the battery fully charged condition to check capacity test ,i.
e. initial capacity by 95% check ,for discharge capacity affected by temperature Degree should be based on the formula :Type : t- discharge when the environment temperature ;the temperature coefficient of K- ,10h rate discharge capacitytest K=0.
006/ ? K=0.003/ ?3Hrate capacity test of 1Hrate capacity test at 25 ? K=0.01/? Ce-battery nominal capacitance value should pay attention to is that ,during operation, valve control battery floating charge voltage and temperature have a close relationship, the floating charge voltage should be done according to the environment temperature the appropriate correction from the type is apparent, when the temperature was below 25 ?too much,if the valve control battery charging is set to 2.
27V ,Be struck with fright night duty,certainly will makes valve control battery charging .Similarly,, if the temperature is above 25 ?too much,if the floating charge voltage of VRLA battery is set to 2.27V ,certainly will makes VRLA battery overcharge .
In shallow discharge condition ,VRLA batteries at 25 ? for2.27Voperation for a period of time is able to supplement their energy .In the depth of discharge conditions, valve control battery charging voltage can be set 2.
35~2.40V/C( 25 ?),limiting point set 0.1c. had certain time added capacity, and then transferred to the normal floating operation. It should be noted that ,Jeremy Scott Adidas,due to the battery plate active material from the surface to the interior of the full chemical reactions need certain time ,therefore Recommendations of two charge and discharge time interval should be more than 10 days.
A longer charge time then discharge depth relative to deep. Regularly modify cell system,ADIDAS Porsche Design P5000, the value of the floating voltage environmental temperature monomer battery voltage V total voltage V 352.
21 53.04302.2353.52252.2554202.2654.24152.2854.72102.3055.252.3255.68due to the batterysystem the value of the floating voltage temperature the impact is bigger, so it should be according to the battery system used in ambient temperature changes and timely correction system of charging voltage can be set and adjusted annually ,usually 2~4 times.
The monitoring center or OMC once receiving base station alarm after power failure ,close attention should be paid to the base station operation ,once the wireless signal interruption of more than 6h ,shall promptly notify the base station maintenance personnel portable generator to the scene to power ,to ensure that the battery from discharge after termination can be a timely charge ,prolonging service life of accumulator .
Use monitoring system allows early detection of battery failure ,some can according to the requirements of automatic detection battery discharge condition of the battery were floating charge conversion switch power supply ,shall be required in the monitoring center for remote manual remote control switching rectifier power supply of battery charging .
City Electrical returned to normal after the switch rectifier for battery charging not ,maintenance staff according to the actual capacity of the battery discharge ,at the distal end of the power and environment monitoring system timely adjustment of switching power supply equipment for charging current of battery and floating charge conversion ,in the monitoring center for remote manual remote control switch power rectifier for battery charging .
So only battery in charge full floating operation condition, the storage battery capacity accurately had requirement ,also make the battery actual use environment close to the design life environment ,so the discharge time is prolonged .
8dailybattery maintenance work battery maintenance practical work: 8.1 monthly1~2base stationblackout ,discharge time average 4~5hours.The need for manual charging ,Artificial Supplementary battery capacity, the floating charge voltage must improve to 54V above.
8.2batterydamage is a major cause of oil engine made. Each oil engine should be finished manually charging ,prevent battery charging less damage. 8.3frequent blackoutscaused by battery power serious insufficient charge ,the result is a oil engine mounting losses, more deficient more ,finally had to send .
So in the course of the generation of the transmission power at the same time ,two sets of battery group must be separated from the load ,it is because of its dependence on oil machine for battery charging is impossible to put electricity is enough .
8.4batterymanufacturers to provide the value of the floating voltage ,cannot be applied to the base battery charging set ,according to the actual situation set ,float total voltage value should be raised to 54.
2v-54.5v. 8.5monthlyfrequent power failure of base station ,should increase the floating charge voltage and current limiting value. For example the floating voltage is 53.5V to 54.2~54.6V,limiting value 0.
1C is adjusted to 0.15~0.18C. 8.6forswitching power supply battery maintenance parameter setting ,can not be completely in accordance with the requirements of battery manufacturers set ,according to the actual operation situation make flexible adjustment of the battery .
Battery capacity of 8.7earlylosses ,such as battery 200Ah loadcurrent of 20A, discharge time from 10 hoursto 5 hoursdecrease . Treatment methods are improving floating charge voltage and current limiting value ,with larger current on the sulfation plate activation .
8.8batteryloss is severe .For example battery 200Ah loadcurrent 20A discharge time from 10 hoursto 2 hours ofdecline ,processing method must be used to frequency pulse charging instrument for the entire group .
9Application of Figure 10 is a mobile communication base station battery float charging voltage operation data ,the picture is a whole group of storage battery in this operating time of the floating voltage group dispersion ,in which A moment of the whole group of storage battery maintenance ,can be seen clearly ,online maintenance ,the battery float charging voltage of discrete small ,the consistency was good.
Figure 10 maintenancebefore and after the battery voltage and the dispersion in Figure 11 ,saw two battery float charging voltage is significantly higher ,and in this phase of the operation ,fluctuation ,the figure 11 is one of20#battery float charging voltage dispersion performance ,which B time of the battery charge and discharge maintenance ,from Figure 11 ,,20# batteryfloat charging voltage dispersion in maintenance was good ,and the dispersion itself changes fluctuations are significantly smaller .

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Jin Guangming's victory over Wang Jing in fourth volumes

Jin Guangming wins the most King Tang Sanzang scroll fourth Salmonella in business translation the meaning of the net net and Ronnie sixth at that time .Being phase free flame Bodhisattva .,Adiads Porsche Design
And no amount of public .From the seat and the right shoulder .Partial right knee is well-grounded .Clasped respectfully bowed at the Buddha .With a variety of floral treasure house Pennant cover for has .
The Buddha said .The blessed one. To several causes .It bodhicitta. What is the bodhi mind .The blessed one. That bodhi mind now not available. Future heart can past the heart .Do not have to worry .
From Bodhi Bo also not available. Do not speak .Heart is colorless phase no .Career .Not pretentious. People also not available. Also unknown. Buddha .Cloud what law is very deep meaning.
And be informed. Well .Good man. Is right. The subtle. Career made are not available. If Bodhi Pu worry not Bodhi not .To say. The heart also do not say .Colorless phase without cause.
All beings are not available. Why .The Bodhi and heart really is .Can permit certificate are equal it .Without the law can be known. .Bodhisattvas mahasattvas as is ignorance .
But named for access to various method .The goodness of Bodhi and bodhicitta .The bodhi mind .Not the past of future now .Heart is like that. All is the same. In phase is not available.
What Therefore to all life therefore .There .Can Bodhi Bodhi .Name also not available. All sentient beings who can hear .Sound is not available. Only sleep the sleep name not available.
The Bodhisattva Bodhisattva name not available. Buddha name not available. Do not not available. Line bank name not available. To cannot get it .All silent law. But abide .This with all the qualities of good roots .
Born .Good man. For example treasure to mount Wang Raoyi .This bodhicitta benefit sentient beings so .Is a first for giving paramita .Good man. For example earth is holding public to die is a second point .
But because such as lion with big power .Only fearless .From the panic it .Is third and jackfruit .Such as wind wheel that Luo Yanli .Happy .Heart back so fast .Is a fourth ground plan jackfruit .
For example ,in four order .Cool wind to blow four door by An Yinle .Concentration method reservoir to meet it .Is a fifth concentration but because of .Such as sun was flourishing .
The heart rate to burst death without shading it .Is a sixth wisdom paramita .Such as business owners can make all wish to meet .The heart of life insurance .By merit treasure it .
Is a seventh easy wins for wisdom paramita .For example on nothing but in a nebula .Cut all the realm of pure .Is a eighth may function .For example chakravartin main soldier Baochen free itself .
But good solemnly net Buddha land .Infinite merits wide Liqun life therefore is a ninth force .But because of .Such as vanity and chakravartin .Heart to all States have no obstacles in any place .
Have freedom to position the empowerments .Is a tenth wisdom paramita .Good man. Is a Bodhisattvas mahasattvas ten bodhicitta .If ten .You should practice. Good man. In accordance with the five law .
Bodhisattvas mahasattvas achievement giving paramita .Cloud what five .One two letter roots. Their compassion. Three without seeking to heart .Four perturbation by all beings .Five may for everything Zhi Zhi.
Good man. Is a Bodhisattvas mahasattvas achievement giving paramita .Good man. According to Fu school .Bodhisattvas mahasattvas .Achievement related jackfruit .Cloud what five .One three clean .
No two all beings as the trouble causes .The three close all evil .Open good fun .The four one is only too .Five all merits .Jiexi meet .Good man. Is a Bodhisattvas mahasattvas achievement related jackfruit .
Good man. According to Fu school .Bodhisattvas mahasattvas achievement and jackfruit .Cloud what five a person can corrupt .V anger annoyance. Two at life .Don ask ANN Le fails to .
Three thought to industry was bitter .But compassion .Four .All the achievements of Zhu Shangen .Five for very deep no body can .Good man. Is a Bodhisattvas mahasattvas achievement and jackfruit .
Good man. According to Fu school .Bodhisattvas mahasattvas achievements ground plan jackfruit .Cloud what five .A person with all worries don live together. The two Ford has not easy .
Three in the hard penance things not boring .Four to the merciful giving benefits. Convenient and mature all beings .Five who is willing to seek no return .Good man. Is the name Bodhisattvas mahasattvas achievements ground plan jackfruit .
Good man. According to Fu school .Bodhisattvas mahasattvas achievement meditations jackfruit .Cloud what five .One to the good law .That lingers so perturbation .Two often willing to release no two side story.
Three may God through all the achievements of Zhu Shangen for the four .Net community .Juanchu heart scale it .For the five broken beings worry fundamental reason .Good man. Is a Bodhisattvas mahasattvas achievement meditations jackfruit .
Good man. According to Fu school .Bodhisattvas mahasattvas intellectual achievement in jackfruit .Cloud what five .A person often to all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas and the wise to not support .
Boring back .Two Buddhas as it is very deep .Heart Changle smell without satiation .Three really popular wins Chi Lok Sin respectively .The four repair troubles .Salty fast breaking apart.
Five Kabuki of five world of law .Jiexi mastery .Good man. Is a Bodhisattvas mahasattvas intellectual achievement in jackfruit .Good man. According to Fu school .Bodhisattvas mahasattvas .
Achievement convenient jackfruit .Cloud what five .A person in all beings Le Italian heart trouble line differential earth all access. Two no weight the method to treat the door. The heart knows .
Three great compassion .Access free .Four in the paramita .To meet the five spiritual accomplishments .All Dharma .To up .Photograph by exhaustive. Good man is the name .Bodhisattvas mahasattvas achievement convenient wins wisdom paramita .
Good man. According to Fu school .Bodhisattvas mahasattvas achievement may jackfruit .Cloud what five .One .In all from this since neither dying nor being born. .have without propranolol .
Two. All the best philosophic view of law from fouling cleaning propranolol .Three. All think this reality. No no line of the same animal and propranolol .Four. To benefit sentient beings .
The common meanings of propranolol .Five. In samadhi .Vipasyana .While running. Propranolol .Good man is .Name of Bodhisattvas mahasattvas achievement may jackfruit .Good men according to Fu school .
Bodhisattvas mahasattvas achievement force jackfruit .Cloud what five .A person with intelligence to all Student heart line of good and evil. Two can make all beings .Into deep subtle method .
Three. All beings with reincarnation of life and death. Yuanye .Honestly know .Four. To sentient beings three root. With intelligence can respectively .Five. To sentient beings such as grounds for the said that kind .
Good maturity and intelligence .There is so .Good man. Is a Bodhisattvas mahasattvas achievement force jackfruit .Good man. According to Fu school .Bodhisattvas mahasattvas achievement wisdom paramita .
Cloud what five .A person .Can the law .The knowledge of good and evil .Two. In black and white .Away from the camera .Three. Can life in Nirvana .Can have no. Four. With bliss and wisdom .
To what place .Five. By wins empowerments .Can not common law of Buddha and all Zhi Zhi .Good man. Is a Bodhisattvas mahasattvas achievement wisdom paramita .Good man. What is this meaning .
.take victory. Is new justice. To meet the large amount of very deep wisdom paramita .Is righteousness. Line line method .The heart does not persist .But death is righteous .Fault Nirvana merit enlightenment is watching .
But fools is righteousness. Jiexi perturbed by Homo sapiens .This is justice. Can now all sorts of Jane wonderful magic is jackfruit righteousness ..all meet is liberating wisdom .
But righteousness .Sentient beings in the universe is respectively .Is righteousness and wisdom paramita .Application can make to return .A new turn .Is righteousness. No body can make meet .
Are jackfruit . All beings .Good good roots can make mature .But is justice. To Bodhi Buddha ten four no fear not common law. Jiexi achievement .But death is righteous .Nirvana without phase.
Is new economy of righteousness .Everything is new .Justice. All heretics to heckling. Good can explain. Its yield .This is justice. Can turn twelve wonderful line Falun .Is jackfruit justice.
No no not see who is tired .This polysemy .Good man. The beginning of Bodhisattva .Is first now .No three thousand universe of 1 000000000 universes .No amount of side a variety of treasure .
All empty .The Bodhisattva will see .Good man. Two Bodhisattvas. That is to the universe of 1 000000000 universes .Three thousand .On such as the palm .The limitless variety of wonderful color .
Clean treasure .Solemn .Bodhisattva will see .Good man. Three Bodhisattvas. Is now itself first .To Jiazhang solemn .All blame thieves can break down .I see .Good man. Four Bodhisattvas.
Is now the Quartet first .The wind wheel .A wonderful flower. You are scattered .And cloth on the ground. I see .Good man. Five Bodhisattvas. Is now a good first .Treasure girl .
The precious necklace. Zhoubian strictly .First crown of flowers .Because of its decoration .The Bodhisattva will see .Good man. Six Bodhisattvas. That is to show the flower beds .There are four levels .
The throughout .Clean pure water .Eight merits Jiexi fill .Wa bowl Luo Hua .In fabric flower .Lee Branch .Everywhere in the game or the solemn .Happy .Very cool .The Bodhisattva will see .
Good man. Seven Bodhisattvas. That is to now .The Buddha on the front .There sentient beings. Should be hell. To Bodhisattva force will not be shed .There is no damage no terror .see clearly .
Good man. Eight Bodhisattvas. That is to now .In both sides. A lion king .Thought system .All beast earth all fears .I see .Good man. The nine Bodhisattvas. That is to now .A chakravartin .
No amount of the surrounding support. On top of the white cover of the solemn .Bodhisattva will see .Good man. Ten Bodhisattvas. Is first now .Buddha body. The golden Akira Yao .
No amount of light Jiexi complete with net .The amount of King Brahma .Around pay respect to the supreme .Subtle Falun .Bodhisattva will see .Good man. Cloud He Chu names into joy .
That permit was born at the beginning of the heart .Not now before the event .He wishes to use .I have achievement .Students very joy is the original name .Into joy .The micro scale do fault were clean .
So two names for scale free .To infinite wisdom samadhi light. Not tilting .Incompetence and volts. Wen Chi and Ronnie .That is the three fundamental. A bright fire .With wisdom,, all worries .
Grew brighter .Practice Graceland .So four called flame .So hard it wins intellectual freedom .Repair trouble volt volt .So five names for wins .Method continued .The show .Jiexi without thinking.
Now before .So six name for the present .No leakage has no free thought .So far is the practice of Samadhi .Pure have no obstacles .So seven place for travel .Without thinking. Repair free of all worries .
Do cannot make .So eight names for real .That all law a variety of differences .All comfortably without suffering from no tired .Wisdom. Free without problems .So nine names :Hui .The Dharmakaya such as void .
Wisdom such as cloud. Can fill the overlying everything it is therefore named Fayun .Ten .Good man. Is my law ignorance fears and mischief .Ignorance .This second barrier at the beginning of Ming Dynasty .
Fine science department error on ignorance .Launched all kinds of industry has no this no prescribed barrier at two .Not now I love Ming .Barrier special total ignorance .This two Ming barrier in three .
The mean to joy without .Ming .Delicate net method Philharmonic ignorance .This two Ming barrier in four .To dorsal and ignorance .Nirvana and ignorance. This two Ming barrier in five .
Observing circulation ignorance .Coarse facies are no Ming Ming .This with no barrier in six .Fine the phase current ignorance .Meaning there is no le Yan Ming Ming .This with no barrier in seven .
In the concept phase function ignorance .Photograph freedom ignorance .This two Ming barrier in eight .The meaning and sentence text .This second hinder not skillful ignorance .In the word was not arbitrarily ignorance .
This two Ming barrier in nine .In God through without free cash ignorance .Fine secret to understanding the cause of ignorance .This two Ming barrier in ten .All exit micro .Knowledge barriers ignorance .
Pole fine worry heavy ignorance .This two Ming barrier to Buddhahood. Good man. Bodhisattvas mahasattvas in the beginning .Exertion jackfruit .In second row ring jackfruit .In third rows can function .
In fourth ,Adidas Jeremy Scott,but in fifth the line frequently .But in the sixth set .Do wisdom paramita .In seventh convenient wisdom paramita wins .In eighth is willing to jackfruit .In ninth lines of force function .
In tenth line jackfruit .Good man. Bodhisattvas mahasattvas initial perturbation by heart can have wonderful treasure Samadhi .Second perturbation can give birth to heart by lovely music Samadhi .
Third heart perturbed by can life is difficult to Samadhi .Fourth heart perturbed by can not retreat Samadhi .Fifth perturbation can students by heart flower Po sixth Samadhi .
Heart perturbed by can birthday circle flame Samadhi .Seventh heart perturbed by can all may Ruyi achievement Samadhi. Eighth heart perturbed by students are to live Samadhi .
Ninth Heart oxygen by raw intelligence hidden Samadhi .Tenth heart oxygen by can be born ahead Samadhi .Good man. Is a Bodhisattvas mahasattvas the ten intentions. Good man. Bodhisattvas mahasattvas at the beginning to Fyodor Ronnie .
Name according to merit the Buddha mantra .That said .He Bu Da nephew ??you Menlow La shaving the tiger tiger the tiger and the sequence only Su Liyu a mother-in-law ,More Details,bottom ( Ding Li is the same ) and postscript at the bottom of this tune Da many postscript ??tea bowl fork diffuse to Li scolds ?Moment Lu Lufthansa to good men.
This ,Ronnie .A innumerable Buddhas said .For retaining the beginning of Bodhisattvas mahasattvas reason .If reciting this mantra and Ronnie .From all fears .The so-called .Wolf lion beast like ghosts .
People all nonhuman .Blame thieves cross and the distress relief disaster five barrier does not forget to read first .Good man. Bodhisattvas mahasattvas in second to Ronnie .Good easy living .
The name .But he Wa nephew Duan ( entering similarly hereinafter ) miles miles miles Wa quality quality Duan Luo Duan Rowe ( cited) you see it and see Wa Duan miles hulooo hulooo Lufthansa to this good man .
Ronnie .Is two thousands of the Buddhas Said. For retaining two Bodhisattvas mahasattvas reason .If reciting this mantra ,Ronnie .Take off the evil beast fears evil inhuman .Blame thieves cross and the disaster distress.
Free five barrier. Do not forget to read two .Good man. Bodhisattvas mahasattvas in third .It and Ronnie .A difficult victory .But he declined ,as house house Poncirus Hovenia Jie La ?La by miles to high ?Chicken ?Mi Sha He good man.
This ,Iphone3gs had two days to travel to Hongkong with iPhone4, do the card, only...,Ronnie .Is three thousands of Buddhas said .For retaining three Bodhisattvas mahasattvas so if there is reciting the mantra off the Ronnie .Fears evil beast oni inhuman .Blame thieves cross and the disaster distress.
Free five barrier. Do not forget to read three good men. Bodhisattvas mahasattvas in fourth .So ,Ronnie .A large interest .But he Li chamber Li Tuo room to you and make you Tuo Tuo miles miles you room Li room Li you and Sheluo wave world wave was Na River Tuo to Emperor Sha He good man.
This ,Ronnie .Is four thousands of Buddhas said .For retaining four Bodhisattvas mahasattvas reason .If reciting this mantra ,Ronnie .Take off the evil beast fears evil inhuman .
Complaining .The cross and the disaster relief worry .Five barrier .Do not forget to read four .Good man. Bodhisattvas mahasattvas in fifth place and Ronnie .A variety of merits and solemn .
Da nephew he scolds miles to cover your miles miles covered miles you Jie La friction (bring) you monk Jie La friction (bring) you three Po mountain you look you are given both your postscript Mo Han you crushed Yan Bubi to this good man .
Ronnie .Is five thousands of Buddhas said .For retaining five Bodhisattvas mahasattvas reason .If recite this and Ronnie mantra .And the fears evil beast oni inhuman .Blame thieves cross and the disaster distress.
Free five barrier. Do not forget to read five .Good man. Bodhisattvas mahasattvas in sixth .So ,Ronnie .A perfect wisdom .Da Zhi Tuo and migration resettlement miles miles and miles and miles of your skin and miles adjoin degree when the main Han bottom when main Loo loo Loo loo Po Po Du Du care homes for PANI sprinkle Sha ( into ) noted SA Po Sa Duonan noted the bottom Austin see Mann Da La bowl Tuo you Sha He good man.
This ,Ronnie .Is six thousands of Buddhas said to support six .To Bodhisattvas mahasattvas reason .If reciting this mantra ,Ronnie .Take off the evil beast fears evil inhuman .
Blame thieves cross and the disaster distress. Free five barrier. Do not forget to read six .Good man. Bodhisattvas mahasattvas in seventh .It and Ronnie .French bank wins .Da Zhi Tuo spoon to scoop to ( on) ( lead ) spoon to scoop spoon to the loo to loo Pi Lu Zhipi Lu Poncirus Amy ?Do you Bo Han miles hill .
You Pi loo Chi Zhi Po Lu of bottom Pi mention Xi point frequency and Pi miles you Amy Miles Bo Hu Bo Hu bottom point more more Lufthansa to this good man .Ronnie .Is seven thousands of Buddhas said .
For retaining seven Bodhisattvas mahasattvas reason .If reciting this mantra ,Ronnie .Take off the evil beast fears evil inhuman .Blame thieves cross and the disaster .Free .Five barrier.
Not forget to read seven .Good man. Bodhisattvas mahasattvas in eighth .It and Ronnie .The name endless reservoir. Da Zhi Tuo chamber Li chamber Li chamber Li you honey honey Jie Jie Mi Mile bottom bottom / verbose / verbose verbose verbose crescent and Mi Sha lord lord to this good man .
Ronnie .Is eight thousands of Buddhas said .For retaining eight Bodhisattvas mahasattvas reason .If reciting this mantra ,Meng Xuenong twice to lose the power of Zhang Xian accountability,Ronnie .Take off the evil beast fears evil inhuman .Blame thieves cross and the disaster distress.
Free five barrier. Do not forget to read eight .Good man. Buddha Maha SA in ninth .It and Ronnie without Volume gate .But he scolds the miles miles from tea ,also all blue Po La body ( days anti) is stabbed to death or death chamber or postscript postscript Li room and room Li miles and will Li Sha ( SoHo reverse ) chamber bottom SA Po Sa Duonan Sha to all good men this is Ronnie .
.nine innumerable Buddhas said .For retaining nine Bodhisattvas mahasattvas reason .If reciting this mantra ,Ronnie .Take off the evil beast fears evil inhuman .Blame thieves disaster The cross and the trouble free .
Five barrier .Do not forget to read nine .Good man. Bodhisattvas mahasattvas in tenth .So ,Ronnie .A broken mount Kumgang .But he noted ( to ) carry the nephew ( go ) to sue all Jammu discount you into your wood bottom end adjacent adjoin um Li Li - the end at the end of Xi Jie Li Li busy ?If exposed to Pi :La Da Na Jie Pi three man many postscript nephew Li Sa Poe he swayed to you mount baranasi Mo Hemo baranasi E Bu Die .
Step bottom ??oath oath E adjoin La main bottom um honey ?End ??will adjoin La oath postscript postscript ?Mystery .Cockles ( fire including) ,Lufthansa ( into ) Li ASR la la la ,In the world the most ruthless of twelve constellation points --- Please pigeon-holing!!!,Jeremy Scott Adidas,you the Manukau shaving Lufthansa to this good man .
Ronnie empowerments auspicious words. Is ten thousands of Buddhas said .For retaining ten Bodhisattvas mahasattvas reason .If reciting this mantra and Ronnie off the program .Fear of ghosts and evil beasts inhuman resentment thief disaster cross .
All the poison .Jiexi destroyed. Free five barrier. Do not forget to read ten .The lions are free flame Bodhisattva .Wen Buddha said this inconceivable and Ronnie have .From the seat of favoring his right shoulder.
The right knee is well-grounded clasped respectfully .At the Buddha to praise .Salute Buddha .No such as deep without phase being lost are only Buddha Buddha eye to economy of the Ming saw no method is complex to Dharma eye shines in not born a law is not a By means of the method of equal to ,see supreme place not bad in life is not to live to the two edge is Nirvana without the license passed away from net net goods he know blindly by respectively obtained by most pure Buddha boundless body does not say to word to all disciples of rain are full of Buddha view faces all kinds of there is however in the distressed and often Hing in the ambulance on impermanence I often I not also the same life is immortal as all polysemous with said differences such as hollow ring only Buddha can know law respectively so as to not take the sentient beings they were said to have three the free Brahma king .
Also from seat of favoring his right shoulder. The right knee is well-grounded .Clasped respectfully .Bowed at the Buddha and said to the Buddha said .The blessed one. This Jin Guangming victory over Wang Jing .
So difficult .After junior high school is good. The meaning exactly .Can all the achievements of Buddhism. If others .Is is reported to Zhu Foen .Well .Good man. Is right. . .If that is classic .
Do not retreat to a aims Luo San Miao three Bodhi .Why .Good man. Can grow back to Bodhisattva special kindness. Is the first seal .The king should be heard by the others to read .
Chanting .Why .Good man. If all beings .Not good not to root .Cooked good roots .Not close to the Buddhas .Can hear is subtle .If good men and women who can listen to the recipients.
All the sin Jiexi destroyed. The most pure .Often to see the Buddha. Do not leave the Buddhas and good knowledge bank wins people. Constant Wen Miaofa hold back. Get such wins Fyodor Ronnie gate the endless sea .
A wonderful merits and Ronnie .The endless reduction .The business line of speech and access to Ronnie .The endless and subtraction .Yen without scale phase light and Ronnie .The endless and subtraction .
Full moon phase light and Ronnie .The endless reduction .The merit and acting to V and Ronnie endless flow .Without a minus .Broken Diamond Mountain and Ronnie .The endless and subtraction .
Speak the unspeakable righteous causes reservoir and Ronnie .The endless and subtraction .Access to real syntax is sound and Ronnie .The endless void without scale reduction .Heart printing and Ronnie .
The endless boundless reduction .Buddha .Can show endless and Ronnie .Reducing .Good man. Such as reducing the endless and Ronnie gate. A success story. Are bodhisattvas mahasattvas will in ten party all Buddhas .
Become Buddha .Speech variety in law as the supreme Dharma ..real living. Not to go .Good to mature all beings also do not see good roots .A sentient beings can mature .Although various law .
In words not moving not .Not to come. In birth-death certificate no birth-death .What karma .The method does not have to .All law is therefore by body .Said method .Three trillion Bodhisattvas mahasattvas .
No body could .Not all Bodhisattvas do not retreat bodhicitta. Endless Bichu Bichu ,right eye .Net .Innumerable beings Bodhisattva heart .The Buddha that covers every part .Win by can reverse flow .
And very deep subtle rare see love blind deep greed overlain by a not so bitter when the mass audience .All got up from their seats .Bowed at the Buddha .And said to the Buddha said .
The blessed one. If located. Speak read and recite this Jin Guangming victory over Wang Jing .I go to that for mass Jiexi .The audience .That mage. So interest easy .No barrier .There .
I when all dedicated support. To make the audience happy An Yin .Living land .The thief terror famine without complain hardship suffering. People rising .This view .The Dojo of heaven .
All nonhuman and all beings should not .Practice and to the unclean. Why .That place is bottom .When flowers silk color Pennant cover for offering. I often watch the changing .

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A tree blog home page - a good network blog - study hard every d

The trees 142862 visits, 468015 points is rational,Adidas Jeremy Scott, strong, independent, has been go! Profile level: Honor: computer * * * what time can good? Hey! (reply), computer * * * what time can good? Hey! (reply),Shang Wenjie, maybe just want to change a way of living, also don't know my mobile phone log published success (no!? reply) class.
..(reply) player my friend happy birthday! Twenty-five! Happy birthday to spend at work! Haha,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings! At eight and Jova elder sister go to a red < Tangshan earthquake > this year, let me hope movie! Xu Fan's mother Li Yuanni is like the movie, with the heart the ruins for thirty-two years.
To her earthquake that last night the rain stopped the day is very blue things many choices of stop-and-go father always gave me a lot of support,, even sometimes because of cannot help to my second go to work in Beijing, the meeting always by my loss,Gauss filter parameters to consider in determining, I swear, not to meet again the woman is so go.
Train station,, always refrained from crying. Just always in their own back bus in tears. The stupid woman, I update speed is slower and slower,Adiads Porsche Design,How to understand the fund's investment style!, I sleep a day are not enough sleep, lazy get, just today at noon in the office and have time.
Run to update message board tree good hard ah ~ ~ ~ ~, I didn't update for hundreds of years......A tree: uh uh, oh! I QQ 1130152168 interest plus Kazakhstan Hi I also called tree blooming love wow, a very popular! Oh! Happy birthday! Twenty-five! Happy birthday to spend at work! Haha! At eight and Jova elder sister go to a red < Tangshan seismic > this year, let me wish movie! Xu Fan's mother Li Yuanni is like the movie, was guarding the ruins for thirty-two years.

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[original] appreciation of Tagore's Poetry

&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;Tagore original text ,A toner good _ often clean enough,translated by Bing Xin :&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;life ,a a lightweight &nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;frivolous tireless &nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp -- Preface ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;I heard the echo ,Adidas Jeremy Scott,[is] Based on neural network and data mining Research Progress,from the valleys and the heart of &nbsp ;&nbsp ;to the lonely sickle empty soul &nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;repeat outrightly ,,repeated happiness &nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;eventually swaying in the desert oasis &nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;I believe &nbsp ;&nbsp ;born as The bright summer flowers &nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;do not withered undefeated fiery ,coquettish &nbsp ;&nbsp ;bear the heartbeat and breathing to bear the load of &nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp always enjoy it ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp & nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;two &nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;I heard the music ,from the moon and carcass &nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;auxiliary extreme aestheticism bait to capture misty &nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;nbsp ;filling the intense life ,but also filling the pure however, &nbsp ;&nbsp ;some memories throughout the earth &nbsp ;&nbsp ;I believe &nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;died as the quiet beauty of autumn leaves &nbsp ;&nbsp ;Sheng is not chaos ,smoke gesture &nbsp & nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;;even wilt also retained bone proudly Qing Feng muscle &nbsp mystery of mysteries ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;three &nbsp ;&nbsp ;I hear love ,I believe in love &nbsp ;&nbsp ;love is a pool of struggling blue-green &nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;as desolate micro-burst of wind &nbsp ;&nbsp ;bleeding through my veins &nbsp ;&nbsp ;years stationed in the belief of &nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;four &nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;I believe that all can hear &nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;even anticipate discrete ,Air Force One Shoes,meet another &nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;some can not grasp the moment &nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;let the full of worries ,Decade,the dead must not return &nbsp ;&nbsp ;see I head home decorated with flowers in full bloom ,the way all the way &nbsp ;&nbsp ;frequently missed some ,,but also deeply moved by various difficulties and hardships of &nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;five &nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;Prajna paramita ,a sound &nbsp ;&nbsp ;like summer flowers and death like autumn leaves ,&nbsp ;nbsp ;also care about what has ①:wisdom paramita Sutra -- Buddhism Prajna :.
Wisdom ;jackfruit :there are &nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;Sun Weiling :like the pure nature sounds ,distant from the roller sieving ,ask my green Heart :you understand the philosophy of love ?You understood the meaning of life ?-- I always stand alone at sunset in the light of language :I am the galaxy background ,even if one day turn into cold statue, I will not give up the love !At the setting sun like blood ,a sound .
Prajna paramita ,is my world !&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;another version of ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;translation :Sun Weiling &nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;life ,thin and light-off time and time again &nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbs P ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;was never tired .
&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;& nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp -- Preface ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;I heard the echo ,from the valleys and the heart of &nbsp ;&nbsp ;to the lonely falx Feng harvest empty soul &nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;repeat outrightly ,repeated happiness &nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;eventually swaying in the desert oasis &nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;I believe &nbsp ;&nbsp ;born as the bright summer flowers &nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;do not withered undefeated ,flirtatious with &nbsp ;&nbsp ;bear heart care and respiratory frenzy &nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp always enjoy it ;&nb Sp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;two &nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;I heard the music ,from the moon and life &nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;with exquisite Acacia capture a beautiful &nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;filling the intense life ,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings,but also filling the pure &nbsp ;&nbsp ;some memories throughout the earth &nbsp ;&nbsp ;I believe &nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;died as the quiet beauty of autumn leaves &nbsp ;&nbsp ;Sheng is not chaos ,smoke .
&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;even wilt also surviving bone proudly Qing Feng muscle &nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp &nbsp abstruse slender ;;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp
;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp & nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;three ;I hear love ,I believe in love &nbsp ;&nbsp ;love is a pool of struggling blue-green &nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;like a blue
wind &nbsp ;&nbsp ;bleeding through my veins &nbsp ;&nbsp ;at the age of faith &nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;four &nbsp ;&nbsp
;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;I believe that all can hear &nbsp ;&nbsp ;& Nbsp ;&nbsp ;even anticipate discrete ,meet another &nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;some can not grasp the moment &nbsp ;&nbsp
;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;let the full of worries ,the dead must not return &nbsp ;&nbsp ;see I head home thoughts ,the way all the way a &nbsp ;&nbsp ;frequently by spring ,but also deeply moved
by various difficulties and hardships of &nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;five &nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;wisdom paramita o 1,a sound &nbsp ;&nbsp

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Peas and beans for 19 months eighteenth months of life a

I, badly ,fall allergy . Spring allergy ,fall allergy ,a year of no much time ah . Beans dad said ,allergic individuals not qualified to stay up late. He says ,need to look at the big picture ,in order to overall situation ,to ensure health .
This overall situation ,refers to the Beanie . Every Beanie with many month ,used to write something. Now bean father beside staring at small eyes ,I do not sleep, he didn sleep ,not in peas 19 monthstime specially to write something ,but ,don something felt ill .
Fortunately ,from the bean was born up to now, every day, no matter how late are more tired, bedtime struggles in computer to knock several about peas record ,want to leave later .Although this bland statements ,in addition to those closest to them, about nobody love look at you ,but anyway ,just made up the last month record .
July 22nd: the baby a year and a half ,time flies too fast. One and a half years old about alchemy ,in just over a year and a half today. In the consulting room ,as usual, the nurse for measuring height and weight and head circumference ,weight after the baby is very happy, stood on tiptoe to touch the wall height .
The doctor came in to see the pattern .When her ears ,not willing to start Stethoscope on his chest ,until the time ,baby cry ,wait until the doctor just to give unlock diaper to check it ,baby urine ( urine to just doctor hands ) ,wait to say good-bye, she happily waving BYEBYE.
health examination results of all normal ,but ,because the peas doesn to eat meat, but also because the peas continued breastfeeding, but also because we are living in water without fluoride ,the doctor suggested that he added to the iron fluorine containing vitamins ,to open the drops.
Hit two needle vaccines .Night bean father time ,think of her as a fever ,I also think he is a bit hot ,but no ,what steps to take .After dinner, go out for a walk when she was different ,with weekday ,don go ,old to hold home later, burn ,feel very hot ,she also began to be eaten ,Tylenol ,baby do not eat ,hard filling in ,put her anger cry ,how to coax cry ,give milk can ,always Ao Ao ,the father said ,want to read a book ?This spirit ,don cry, to read a book .
I want to take him to the bed ,and cried ,refused to leave the books ,there is no way when, his father said ,go out to play ?This is also the spirit ,baby don stop ,stay with parents go out.
Beans dad then drove to bed trick. Damselfly, got on a car to sleepy ,eyelid is not opened, sitting in the car is left confused about the right confused about it, she was awake ,not easy to sleep ,home, feeling not so burned,Deviation, coverage, representative action -- grasp the index fund, to measure the body temperature ,it has dropped some ,101.
3 degrees Fahrenheitthe children ah ,each vaccine ,will have have a fever have a fever .July 23rd: last night ,burning is not high ,not more than 102 degrees,the whole night to suck, bite bite bite ah ah I almost missed a night .
Because she has been sleeping, burned is not high ,also unwilling to suck milk ,not to fill medicine .This morning ,play for a while, think tall ,measured body temperature ,102.4 degrees.
Still continue to take medicine to bring down a fever ah ,Oko Takenichi saw his father picked up the bottle ,wow to cry ,it is to remember the night feeding experience . During the day and have no appetite ,in addition to milk ,all day long, how not to eat ,always loved fruits would not eat until the afternoon and evening have a fever ,finally completely good .
All day long, particularly sticky mother ,stuck mother couldn do anything. Headache, still have played with her spirit . Children ,child it is the parents ,sweet little burden ,once provoked the burden Sub ,disease or suffering ,or ,are never down.
July 24th: give her onto the new car seat .We bought a baby car seat is relatively large ,can be used until her 30 poundsthat, she has been a year and a half ,however, 27 and a half poundsof weight ,but also also can continue to sit ( although the legs a bit extension is not open ,slightly cramped ) ,so ,my child to one and a half years old aged &quot ;&quot ;still sitting baby seat .
Seeing him than the small dolls were replaced with new car seat ,his father said today he also try to mount new chair seat mount, she didn want to sit ,,coaxed with tied up, his father took out for a spin ,just like her .
Is always the rear-facing ,see what the scenery ,the sudden change in sitting ,view about open up ,put the doll little eyes rolling ,left see right to see. The old infant seat ,bean Daddy won removed, was placed in the car, thinking of the day driving a car, he returned to the sitting infant seat ,because we think ,the infant seat benefits is tilted more ,baby in the car .
When the head ,leaned back in his chair ,not forward ,can sleep more comfortable. But ,who knows, maybe ,she used to take the forward The new seat ,won sit the baby seat might . Hit the vaccine have a fever sequelae ,today doesn to eat, refused to eat it ,took him from the chair down ,to let him play, but he would not ,hold me cry ,don let me eat, he he said that the child used to be not light ,so rectification rectification ,not by him ,do not let me alone, let me continue to eat.
I sit ,she stood, on my lap crying ,it eats me sweat ah ,do not know what is the taste of food ,don stop and he said my mother ate meal to accompany you to play ,do not listen to him, does not stop crying crying crying .
I make grilled over rice ,with her playing after a while ,she agrees to eat, put him in a chair strapped ,but ,don ,it is without rhyme or reason. To eat while crying sound ,his dad to give a person is angry ,sulky with her statement ,and play.
This man ah ,really angry with her ,I don play with dolls ,also not to accompany her to go out for a walk ,I take her walk back, this man face has some improvement July 25th :peas .
Is the mother of the small tail, mother go where he told where ,hungry ,tired, sleepy, in particular ,only A mother can hug ,hug her father like crazy to revolt. His father on this point is behaved very generous ,said ,you are grown up if you can tell your mom so good .
Well ,grow up to may so sticky mother ,that is not normal ,but ,I believe ,my child will be a sensible filial children . In the morning in the supermarket shopping cart ,refused to sit down ,not to go ,my bag with biscuits ,baby do not eat ,the town is not him.
In the store caught a bag .Recent large love mango stem ,however ,on the spot opened first give children to eat ,baby eating mango stem, it sits in shopping car let parents bought dish.
Neighbors invited four this afternoon to go to her home in PARTY ,a people in the house ,she went after a good performance ,no crying ,no strange ,food and drink it ,in a cup of water ,1/4 cups oforange juice ,eat a little potatoes and many of the Italy area ,but also eat a little mousse cake ,including orange juice and mousse cake is his first taste of things.
From four to seven thirty this time ,almost constantly during the walk, the doll to tired ,back home, a bath ,do some reading ,he fell asleep at nine thirty ,a reverse nearest Often go to bed at eleven of normal .
It until eleven to sleep ,or because not enough exercise ah ,want to let her go to bed early ,let him exercise ,however, many less nor parents can control things, she is sometimes very lazy ,is unwilling to hyperactivity .
These days most love recognition and beautiful fruit vegetables in the two book ,in the kitchen with me not to let the cooking time ,I said ,go and have a look ,your dad alone recognize vegetable and fruit ,beautiful !She immediately release hold my hand ,trotting towards his father gallop.
Sitting in the bathtub play, old also refused to come out ,play to the water cooler. His father said ,come out to see the moon ?Look at the traffic lights ?Play hide and seek ?Will take .
I said ,come and eat NENE ?Also take .No way to time ,he said out with Dad ,that vegetable ?Shuffle ,she put down his toys ,hand let dad walked away .attraction that vegetables can be really big .
July 26th: yesterday tired and not light ,night slept soundly and long ,nine thirty last night to sleep ,only nine this morning ,rare baby slept so long . Sleep long results ,is her at noon today can ,get to Soon sleep until three ,nearly five wake up wake up nearly five results ,it is night sleep fast until eleven .
After watching the July 4th Independence Day fireworks ,baby the rest had been adjusted, often staying up so late . Beans dad thought it would regret it, say it fireworks can ,is really a big loss.
Who knows what is it right? Blame fireworks disrupted schedule ,however ,feels that the child rule of time of work and rest is really important, or try not to disturb it ,for the little beans ,as long as the chaos once, if not a good tune .
. however ,but should also be blame her parents ,her because of late night ,sleeping late in the morning time,Paul or Bill _ Li _ Sina blog, is not willing to tell him to get up ,get up late in the morning ,afternoon nap sleep late ,nap sleep late ,is not willing to wake him up ,let him sleep till evening ,so baby ,can not have it as midnight .
Today suddenly thought perhaps I should give him with a toilet consciousness ,he pulls out a book about the toilet book Once Upon A Potty read to him ,the content is a little long ,read it again ,put down the book ,doesn do ,make read it again ,don he understood how much content .
Eighteen months of alchemy Time ,the hospital materials listed on the baby diaper READY picked several SIGNS ,a small bean never accounted for, still far away from the READY ,home to visit the old people can I don give her training the diaper ,and I speak several back to the training ,but I doesn sit potty ,hard to sit it, sure Ao Ao ,I don force her ,or not to be to wait for his READY .
The child do not know why so love cart ,saw the car push awfully ,are pushing for several months ,or like endless push, when can the love cart July 27th :the difficulty ?Today strongly against the teeth ,to reading town for him ,boy stubborn ,strength big ,a struggle, have also not hold .
In the afternoon to eat bananas ,I give him a piece of my flesh ,he don ,let him take her to eat banana peel ,eat have to eat with appetite ,almost eat 2/3 bananas,eat a record high .
At night to eat dumplings ,have found her lips start gets the red knot in the mind ,then seeing Cengceng rub up five big red a knot in one . After for a short while, whistling call and is lost ,the typical allergic reaction.
He is allergic to anything ?.Put in the chicken ,spinach ,onion ginger oil salt soy sauce and oyster sauce oyster sauce .Besides ,other things are often eat ,it should be on the oyster sauce allergy .
Can I buy is vegetarian oyster sauce .Beans father later or do not use at sixes and sevens seasoning ,certainly not what good stuff .I this is buy back rare oyster sauce ah ,but also specifically to buy vegetarian oyster sauce ,didn let her allergies.
July 28th: kids today suddenly begins to like mother back ,lying in the mother back to happy ,down to is not willing .Kids today can suddenly with a spoon food in his mouth, parents praised him ,he is also very happy ,each with a spoon mouth a wheat circle ,just smile ,look at the parents, waiting to boast .
However, he is not smooth and clean to scoop up the food ,so he wanted to spoon noodles when, I didn ,noodles and everywhere ,very good pick up it is easy to pick up ,bagels ,,or give him the first wheat rolls to practice it.
Kids today began to learn desperately huddled tears that snivel .Looks very funny ,parents are looked at him and laughed ,her no matter ,still there was close my eyes ,and then squeezed two tears .
Don know when child can understand in no use ,no longer white For this feat. Kids today to take a shower ,is always daddy to hold into a bathtub ,today his foot into the basin ,sat down ,dabbling.
Kids today outside squatting play a lid loose irrigation pipes ,mother called him, should not . Mom and hide ,to look at him the mother is what reaction ,a child called &quot ;the &quot ;,found no response ,have a look around ,see mother ,squat to continue playing ,&quot ;&quot ;also do not call ,play ,play, endless ,mother hid out ,but out of their own :she didn last night in July 29th.
Sleep well ,sleep for a while you cry a little ,one night of crying several times, but didn make no delay ,I continue to drowsily sleep. This morning ,her mood is not good ,do not eat not to drink ,at noon, continue to live without food or water .
In the morning to play outside when, also fortunately ,walking ,playing sand ,sit slide .But at home ,he pulled me sigh sigh cry ,should assume that he is wrong ,it also has the new teeth to grow? Finally by read to him to quiet down ,one begins to respond, with me to read voice ,hand pointing at the book words ,was not sound , a look ,and sit on my lap fast asleep ,holding onto the bed immediately fell asleep.
Afternoon to wake up ,eat custard ,not to eat ,eat a peach ,,and ,and had a ,and then ate a refused to eat custard most ,it is hungry .See newspaper ads on grapes ,has been pointed to make a hullabaloo about ,this week didn want to eat the grapes grapes ,is her ah ,take to go to the supermarket to buy .
And the way to buy some roots of maize . The child is very picky, with his father as picky ,recently bought South Korean supermarket special corn ,a piece of money 4 ,I bought 8 ,home cooking ,it is terrible ,wood residue residue ,not a little corn sweet smell ,results ,baby do not eat dad don ,poor me ,eat one ,day one ,the last one is broken ,and threw it away.
Today buy corn he is very good with her father ,she is happily eating ,her father said ,later will not be cheap ,or have to buy more expensive is good. When eating fruit ,pick up from your plate in a block ,must to the mother to eat ,insist to raise her mother than dogs .
Good! The dog will feed you eat fruit ?Like stepping on a small stool ,and then down ,take a step ,further down . One day the trick play many times .Like reading about potty book ,afternoon pick the book let me say again in the evening ,pick out the book to his father to speak .
I wondered ,Murphy, baby on the bedpan became interested ?Then again ,no ,silly boy certainly not so advanced ,pull on the diaper but after the bystander ,continue to play a silly child ,should also not understand these .
Today is also automatically move into the bath ,sit down ,water ,did not play enough when not up ,little ass hard down calm protest pick him up ,his father said to me ,you help me carry her ass ,so easy to hold out .
But ,she doesn ,so he went on to play it ,to take him out ?July 30th: today appetite to depart from one ,generally only one day to eat two good meal ,today to play over all meals ,eat a good mother .
Sticky sticky badly ,in play outside it, if I were present, they always have ,Adidas Wings,if I hide ,her own also can play good. Night trapped like reel right and left ,walk a little time ,also flashing protest went to bed ,I lie in bed watching her own book ,walk around ,leave enough time, he crawled into bed to find me.
July 31st: a year and a half bad time, because the peas do not eat meat ,but we live in water without fluoride ,the doctor opened the iron filling fluoride drops ,this drops to take home ,how to feed into question .
Directly to the mouth drops not sure, baby cry too poor ,but this drops vary in color and Youyou ,mix in the food really makes people feel disgusted ,as if there is a rust taste, she is adamantly refused to eat .
And try to mix in the fruit juice ,the color is not so significant ,however, doesn drink the juice ,every day to give him a try ,every day he doesn .Thinking let her eat a little meat ,not to eat the drops ,doll also resolutely refused to eat meat ,attitude is strong .
So in the new car seat sit happily ,each car no quarrel ,sitting in a chair, look around ,the forward sitting is not the same ,and can see things much, she does not feel boring . Before her rear-facing infant car seat when, not often impatient ,I sat next to him ,as he played ,timely give him to divert attention to by her change seat after it is no longer a time ,I also from the rear to the co-pilot seat ,after a year and a half ,I finally sit at the front ,very happy.
August 1st: today is to buy IPAD busy day ,went to three shops to buy ,buy out after her sitting in the back seat of the car ,broke out ,crying ,to eat is also calm ,not just for a while in songs by Chyi Yu asleep ,she was too tired.
Today have a big breakfast ,eat steamed eggs and porridge oats ( iron drops fed into the meat ,do not eat ,today steamed egg, egg with some of his pieces of fried beef with steamed ) ,and epoch-making to me eat with beans .
East West was interested ,eat three pieces of bread dumplings with scrambled eggs ,night time ,give her some small package dumplings ,eat well ,eat 11 smalldumpling stuffing ,also eat, not eat big dumpling eat as skin does not eat food ,will continue to give him the son of Bao Xiaojiao eat dumplings .
In addition ,drank a bowl of oatmeal ,also had several strawberry .The child appetite seems to start up .In August 2nd: the baby suddenly has been improved ,the afternoon when I am cooking ,she didn come into the kitchen .
Mom ,I play by myself for a long time. The cooking when there is no baby hold my legs pulled my pants ,don do half of it Have to shut the fire to pacify her ,this kind of relaxed feeling is really lost .
Just don know tomorrow will not become a sticky doll ?My old photos turn out, long time no see these photos .When you eat with beans ,father feeling, once ,we are so young when I say !Bean ,who was young when ah ?But ,because your this smelly pig doesn taking pictures ,I have not a wedding !Pigs ,however, do not because of me ,you have such a fine son ?This is ,if not a stinky pig cry crying for her ,I would not have her health idea ,that this life I can miss good boy ah .
Think of here ,hurry back have a look have enough to eat is playing good boy ,kid own little pyjamas draped over the shoulders ,squatting in the toy kitchen there with a toy fruits and vegetables.
The child ,shoulder draped a pajama pants ,look funny ,a bit like a small traders ,Murphy, her life is a selling biscuits ?Bean daddy said, not ,not ,her every day like fruits and vegetables ,should be a cook it.
This baby is really like fruits and vegetables ,not optical toys like fruits and vegetables ,he most likes book About fruits and vegetables fruits and vegetables .She read books, not only look ,but also like a book to read Chinese characters as the content of the book ,see other Chinese ,not a word to read English book ( see the fruits and vegetables ,also not pointing to the English word to read ) .
I should say ,A Good Start In over the Life that this child brain development and behavior of the book, see said that the human being from the baby start ,brain has the ability to classify ,so ,for example ,my child when they are very young can accurately it is pointed out that each fruit pedicle where ,did not have a told him what kind of fruit stalk where ah ,really do not know that the brain is how to categorize &quot ;pedicel &quot ;this concept .
Night baby bed, his father often separated soon will enjoy her into the bedroom sleeping position ,so every day . Today he watched her sitting in a chair to eat, they sigh ,what a good children ,adults tired a bit hard ,tired and more value! I also think ,yeah ,yeah ,so good a boy ,now tiring a sticky bit of what ,I know right now ,later ,we Will miss her very tiring and sticky people of this period .
August 3rd: today is not very sticky mother ,can play a long time ,do not know me .Is it right? Started the special sticky phase now ,just remember the book said ,security completely established later, children would compare independent, is her sense of security has been established almost ?Day time ,can be like to pull his good friend Abu play mother ,recently so, see Abu ,often do not own mother.
Tonight walking back ,it was already dark ,anyone can also hold Abu ,along with father and mother to Abu home ,with her mother BYEBYE also no problem ,previous words ,at nightfall ,but only to find his mother.
It is contradictory, have been looking forward to his not sticky, really not sticky ,and is not willing to take a shower .Recent addiction increase every day on their own initiative ,sitting in the bathtub ,then don them ,always persuade the for a long time to come out ,sometimes ,small foot is water to bubble wrinkled .
Baby take a shower time many ,is not willing to go for a walk at night out ,the result is night time is enough ,the child Never more than 9 points to sleep ,to sleep until ten thirty ,perhaps can only hope to daylight-saving time ended 9 points more thansleep.
August 4th: home fruit soon finished ,take her to buy fruit. Her every time he saw the fruits and vegetables ,will be excited to point to ,to buy these things, she is always very happy.
To buy clothes, do not easily go ,man. Get back home in orange ( usually buy local seasonal fruits ,so bean last oranges ,or winter .This orange origin Chile ,is really attractive ,it bought a box ) .
He at home ,surrounded by orange ,eat ,eat a more ,eat one ,even. Not to eat too much, and he said, no, baby ,the time to eat too much is not good for health .She listens, burst into tears ,Ao Ao ,rely on to dad called playing to divert attention .
I put the orange hide, she could not find the orange ,pointing to the dustbin of orange peel &quot ;ah ah ah &quot ;,when mother pretended not to hear him not to see her now ,or a good fool ,Devil sold male Huan CH3~4,ignored him ,he also will go play somewhere else .
In the afternoon to play with friends ,I mutton string strings ,doll has been playing by himself ,it also never sticky .Mom. My big boa ,it grew into sticky mother ?Beanie is a focus on children ,one thing can play for a long time .
Also hear another mother said so, I sometimes sang about the brain will be transferred to autism is one of the symptoms of &quot ;with age .Consistent with the independent &quot ;with beans ,my father said, I do not expect him much good ,hope he is a normal child ,do not have autism !Bean daddy said, how could I love about autism ,so people don worry about the matter ,certainly not a problem .
Also ah ,bean daddy so thought is close people not to worry about things ,I also worry about what ?August 5th beans :morning Dad said ,you can distinguish between the left and right hands .
Nonsense, but didn him, how is it possible? Bean father, do not believe you ask .Ask asked .Son, what is the left hand ?Oh ,she really put up his left hand to .Which is right ?Doll and stretched out his right hand .
To my surprise ,my son long capable of ah ,can distinguish right hand !But ,how did he know ?Didn teach him. Bean daddy said he used to she taught to think of it ,this morning ,just ask ,did not think she really remember.
I baby this little head also can remember ,yesterday !He take a shower when, told him that the father was called XX ,then said to him ,where is XX ?She refers to Dad ,today asked who is &quot ;XX&quot ;?Baby also remember ,refers to Dad.
This child has to understand many things ,also can understand a lot of things ,but he returns do not hurry to talk tonight. Go for a walk before her ,holding a remote control ,said to him ,you put the remote control table ,we go out and play .
She did not, holding the remote controller to the waiting at the door to go out. And he said, the remote control to Dad ,and then go out and play .Or not to listen. Finally had to say ,put the remote control of your small kitchen ,and then go out and play .
This time ,listen ,trample trample ran away remote, back to the door and waited out. The kid likes to put something in his toy kitchen ,let him down the thing in the hand wash eat to be that way when he said ,put everything in his kitchen and then go to wash ,will obediently listen .
Maybe the child heart toy kitchen as his sphere of influence, only put the things where they can rest assured .August 6th: today, particularly resistant to brush my teeth and changing diapers ,how calm ,rolled up ,stuff Dong ran away.
Today suddenly began to slobber wow ,don is it right? In the long teeth, kid .Today not to look at the nose plug with a heap of nose pimple scar ,let get ,so blocking .From outside the home ,opened the door into the house ,must have my key ,do not give the red key name ,&quot ;this this this &quot ;,endless .
Get the key into his mouth, relatively unusual, may be teeth itch ,Cheap Air Force One,do not let his howling child big, idea is also large .August 7th: morning I went out shopping ,she stayed at home with Daddy mix .
Two hours later ,I came back ,dad said just finish playing ,just to change the diaper .Then started complaining ,saying the boy dead people .This fragile people ,every day I take the doll, belt has yet to show it to her .
At noon sleep ,dad is sleeping. I tidy up the kitchen, prepare dinner materials ,finish later just sit down, she woke up. Dad said ,you can your dad more sleep ?Hey ,get some sleep has been pretty good ah ,happy ,have a look me, every day is like this ,while his nap time ,the kitchen ,the dinner things ready ,,then she got up ,a little rest can not ah .
Afternoon with her family to go out to buy Things in the shop ,so everywhere, with him, we couldn see what you want to buy ,bought nothing .You ,you go to buy something, let him sit in the cart.
Then, by around with him for a run, what also cannot buy .August 8th : again, go shopping ,I said with a cart let fabaceous beans sitting in the cart, his father wasn ,said that if the baby in the car shop refused to walk down the words ,with a cart instead of trouble.
Results in the store just around soon after her began to trouble people ,dignitaries ,hold he got up he must come down, come down again after the hug ,hold up and down ,again and again, don what he wants to do ,can not make .
Take out of the shop ,sitting in the car, well, okay person . With bean father discuss ,in the car to give baby feeding .She may feel better ,not a person ,and then into the store to buy something .
Results baby feeding time ,pull, do not let the diaper ,the car space and small, bean daddy is responsible for transferring her attention ,I am responsible for wiping PP ,when rubbed and get beans dad pants a little ,the person that loves clean also do not have what reaction ,this year, it was her to &quot ;and &quot ;out hands busy feet .
Chaos is not easy to change the diaper ,want to go into the shop ,she is not happy ,howl .Had to go home ,sitting in the car Liwa is a thing no ,quiet .Then the beans dad really angry ,saying that the child can understand clearly what is said to him ,mom and dad to buy anything ,let him come ,he is so well-behaved .
Then again run out ,say no to her out. I was a ---- how education really angry with her ?Place oneself in others to think about ,the doll ,shopping is a more interesting ah, he doesn it is normal .
Such a small child, even if he can understand ,where he may have so strong self-control, not really a person .And this &quot ;not with child play &quot ;words ,certainly to do things ,not alone it is after the baby ,speak no prestige .
Go home for lunch ,think of those who must buy no buy into things ,decided to take her out. This time with the cart ,I think ,the noon time pushed him ,he would fall asleep ,let him sleep in the cart well, I told him he just took the opportunity to buy things.
Results doll can be strong ,hold on no sleep ,always adhere to buy Things on the way home to sleep ,I have a look of time ,is three seven. Rare is the doll is not sleep ,but it didn ,did allow parents to buy everything .
Take her to buy something ,even if her not to be too ,the old heart of feel not dependable ,feeling terribly hot ,hurry to buy a hurry to leave .Five in the afternoon to go to happy birthday party ,she did not play what, picking up the candy not interested ,jumping house has flatly refused to go up ,baby also didn eat what ,eating a few mouthfuls of corn ,eat a little multicolored pull skin and a watermelon.
These days don to eat, on fruit ,snack time ,bean father tomorrow to a little cruel ,fruit Limited ,to free snacks. Than peas in a twenty day of the month of Gerber little friends

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