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My basketball career

Night strong white asked me, do you want to have a look to the Lakers sun game ,I think, at 3: 30 start,if you want to see ,it is 7 in the morningto sleep, and my sleep habits ,it is afternoon 4-5 a.
m.,terror ,.,.Although this competition very attractive ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings,Five Mile River, in order to not forget the memorial,but I was not excited .Basketball this thing in my life ,the proportion is less and less ,the disappearance of possibilities ,while it was still out of my life, memories of my basketball career.
Just getting to know basketball is probably the primary school,, after school often see Dad Wen Qinglu primary school ( my family lived there ) teacher to play the game, now could not think of anything to the screen ,will remember Dad good hard ,sharp shooting, passing imaginative ,than others 1 tothe square of 9 grades( other people are good and poor dug middle school ) .
,daddy said to teach me to play basketball ,I was absolutely, want to know ,at that time, my dream is to be a football player ,basketball ,ha ha ,Signs - Carter career retrospective original ,not interesting. Although it is not interested in the summer ,but when nothing with Achang ( childhood friends ,the junior high school when the foot had 43 yardsthe love ,wearing a red vest ) downstairs The court at that time was to play basketball ,play ,others to play our way, level difference does not matter ,the key is to should have know one ,pa a dog in the manger things we must avoid.
Although it is guidance ,Adidas Porsche Design,but with my father on the field and memory ,learning to be basket under the eraser board and 3 step basket,a prosperous level with my basic similar, different is he tall ,the strength is also big ,like exercise 3 minutes,at that time ,if you pass by Wen Qinglu primary school basketball court ,the most common picture is: a high red vest figure in 3 point fieldpractice crazily ,a dwarf the naked figure does not stop shouting &quot ;under the basket ,basket ball! Is a hollow !&quot ;.
Then our level is also into the door, playing one was not enough and that we may join .Remember a young teachers, male ,lived on the edge of the pitch ,shooting time ,like the frog leg position ( father, too, seems to be the fact that does not dispute ) ,but he never realized ,but often teach me, &quot ;your hands not shooting posture ,which is shot by men ,you see me ,single hand .
&quot ;,he did not know how ,I told him the hand pose no Interest ,his every shot ,I should consider ,one shot, how can one foot into it .He thinks a good level ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Schuhe,but never dared to father their games ,know with our children and several old men playing ,looking for self-confidence .
There are times when you play, selecting ,said to me ,I choose the Achang also did not choose you ,I think ,that even with an uncoordinated body ,the brain is normal ,this no-nonsense ,then a prosperous 1 m 751m 6,my ,you choose me, you are absolutely confused logic and physical conditioning take leave of one ,that is true no salvation .
High school, or as in the past I participate in football .There are times play game ,see class several former junior high school teams are playing basketball ,they passed threw a few baskets ,the result that feel good, entered ( still practiced a summer ah ,not Bai Lian ,really Bai Lian ) .
Some of them really surprised ,you can play basketball ?I will float &quot ;that is ,surely ,basic training &quot ;.The thought found a basketball potential players ,very happy ,call me after school time with them to play together.
With them for a period of time ,discover their shoes with my very Is not the same, I was wearing a &quot &quot ;Conway ;running shoes ,sponge bottom that, wear very quickly ,they have no reaction ,know ,there are good basketball shoes ( I was on the basketball shoe impression is back to white ones ,Achang often wear ) a month .
Play ,has great interest in basketball ,plus the time look dunk master ,is very exciting, determined to practice basketball !Thanks to the father of worship, the center of gravity is placed on the shot above, also devoted to was very popular &quot ;young intellectual development of &quot ;bought a retaining means in pencil ,write a &quot ;&quot ,Mitsui ;every time you play will bring .
The &quot ;young intellectual development of &quot ;but I frequented places ,the shop boss my mother knows ,it is a buy mustard ,later opened this shop ,began to sell some buggies what with the name ,model ,with fine,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2, behind what make money selling what ,ball ,ball clothes, shoes ,sports Huju ,I thought the name should be changed to &quot ;adolescent physical development department of &quot ;( unfinished ,Rescue is not the euro dollar but oil that is,cond .

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