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Whenever the Liezi have free time ,Yin Sheng will use this opportunity to him and ask for tips. Example once again refuse him ,not to tell him. Until one day ,he said :I think you -- don rude to this point? Now ,let me tell you from me master learned what serve the master .
After 3 years ,my mind no longer dare to think ,my mouth no longer dare to talk about the pros and cons. Until then ,my master only glanced at me .5 years later ,my mind and thought ,my mouth talking about the pros and cons.
Her face for the first time smiles .7 years later ,I think those who came to me something in the mind ,without right from wrong ;I said those who came to my mouth, does not distinguish between advantages and disadvantages .
First ,she pulled me over and he and I sit .9 years later, I was free to think what I think, was free to say what I have said ,do not know or not ,good or bad ,whether I do or anyone else ,nor is it right? I know the master teacher .
Everything is no difference .Now you do me disciples ,one year has past ,you have again and again Show dissatisfaction and indignation !The world is to be a disciple .It cannot be compared to anything.
It is the one and only ,incomparable .In any other relationship, not its like .Don exist as it is the same thing. Do one of his disciples, with the master in together, is entered into the unknown.
There, you can not aggressive .If you are too aggressive ,unknown will never show you .It may not show an attacking mind .Its nature is so ,you must be receptive and not offensive to the truth .
Exploration is not an active exploration,Adidas Jeremy Scott, but a deep passive -- only deep in the passive ,you will receive ,once you become too active ,too much ,you will miss .Just like be a uterus, exploration is female ,negative .
You accept the truth as the woman acceptance of pregnancy .Remember this ,in this way, a lot of things will become easier to understand. Follow master together is as long as the passive ,absorbing the master to everything, absorption master shown -- not to mention all the requirements.
Once you start asking ,you will become aggressive ,acceptance is lost , you become active .Passive ,negative ( female ) will no longer exist .No one has ever used by male way -- attack ,violent way -- to reach the truth .
It is impossible to find .The truth you quietly ,quietly reached. In fact ,waiting for you ,the truth will reach you .Like water ,looking for a depression ,it flows down, find a place ,into a lake .
An active mind is too drunk to itself ;an active mind think they know what the truth is .Think as a man questions can be, at least know; just to answer ,a person to seek and explore .
But when you become passive ,even is not know .How to ask ?Asked what ?Why ask ?No problem ,a person can not do anything ,the only thing one can do is wait .This is patience -- this is the infinite patience -- because it not a matter of time ,this is not a wait several months or years .
If you have several years of patience ,that did not use .Because when the mind feels it must wait 3 years when, in fact it is not waiting. It is actively looking forward 3 years to finish ,the He can jump up ,become aggressive ,started asking questions ,he can put forward a waiting period after the end of the request ,now he has a right to know .
Not quite the same .No one will be awarded the right to know the truth .When you all of a sudden, the moment will come to you .The patient must not time ,but permanent. You are not waiting for something ,just wait ,because of waiting is extremely beautiful.
Waiting itself is the way that a prayer pocket male wood ,waiting itself is the way that a deep meditation ,waiting itself is the way that a great achievement -- who will to worry about other ?When waiting to become so strong ,so completely ,complete ,time disappears ,waiting to get the eternal quality ,then ,immediately, you also ready .
You have not been granted rights. Remember :you can ask .You are ready ,you don know you ready .Because this knows itself will hinder you ready ;this know itself shows that self still exists ,it is hiding somewhere in the corner ,watching .
Self-concept has been aggressive ,whether it is a hidden or not There are hidden ,obviously still is not obvious .Even hide in the unconscious in the deepest corner ,self is still aggressive .
When I became completely passive ,do the disciples of art, I mean :melt yourself. So no one questions ,requests ,so no one -- you into an empty house ,a completely empty ,just wait .
Then ,suddenly, you want to get it to you,, and you don to ask. Jesus said: requirements ,it shall be given you .however ,this is not the highest teachings ,Jesus could not to the people around him the highest teachings ,because they do not know how to become his disciples .
Jewish tradition existed of teachers and students ,but the master and the disciple basically is East .Teachers existed -- they taught a lot of things ,students also existed, true light dolini W -- but they learned a lot .
He could not find his disciples ,he couldn the highest teachings. He said : requirements ,it shall be given you .Knock on the door ,the door will open for you . but ,I tell you ,if you ask ,you will miss .
If you knock on the door ,you will be refused. Because the door itself is aggressive the ,Ask itself is rooted in the self .In this act ,you are too much ,the door will not open for you .
At the door this behavior, what are you doing ?You rough .No! In the temple door ,knock on the door is not allowed. You should quietly walks to the door ,not even let the sound of footsteps are heard.
You came ,as if nothing comes ,what did not come .You wait at the door, if the door you in. You don worry is not busy. You can sit in front of the door to relax ,so know better than you when you should be open ,door master knows better than you when should give you .
On temple door is vulgar ;to master request is not polite, because he can teach you anything ,he is a teacher. He can from his deepest existence -- a treasure -- throw to give you something.
Unless you are prepared ,otherwise he won give you .Pearl is not thrown into the pig front .The master to wait ,until you pigs disappeared, until you awake ,until you become a real person ,and the animal -- aggressive ,vulgar and violent -- no longer exists.
The master and the disciple between, not rape .Relationship ,but a deep love of the relationship between science and religion .It is here .Science is like rape .In order to know the secret of nature ,science and nature to attack.
In order to uncover the mysteries of nature ,the science of natural violence and compulsory means. Religion is love ,is convinced ,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2,is quiet waiting. It makes ready, so ,once a person is inherently ready ,soon there will be an adjustment ,everything will get everything in good order and well arranged ,will appear to you.
This display is completely different. Science compulsory nature gives some truth ,but truth ?No .Science will never know the truth .The robbers ,the offensive to people ,the violence of robbery to most people only part of the fact ,that .
And those that are only on the surface. The inner center for them to remain hidden ,because want to arrive at the core is not using violence -- may not use violence. The inner center will invite you ,only then you can enter.
Without being invited, so no way .As one of the guests ,invited, you can enter the temple .The master and the disciple is the relationship between love and the highest possible -- because of this Relationship is not two physical relationship ,it was not based on the pleasure or satisfaction, nor the two heads ,two friends psychologically subtle harmony.
No! It is not physical ,nor the desire; neither thought ,nor the emotions .It is the two overall ,come together and mutual into each other .If you ask, how can you as a whole? If you are attacking ,you can whole .
A whole always silent ;it no internal conflict. The whole is quiet ,keep cool ,it is a profound one. Waiting in the master ,learning how together ,doing nothing .A simple fixed center just wait for ;of course will be eager to ,they will feel hungry ,the body of every fiber, there is every cell will experience a long -- but still waiting ,because you understand what to do time .
Knock at the door. It will exist, especially the master when it is available, it will become very strong. Why not ask him ?He can give,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings, so what ?Why waste time ?No, this is not the problem of wasting time .
In fact ,waiting patiently for the best use of time. Other It may be a waste ,but not wait ,because waiting is prayer bite but Qing o heart ,waiting is the meditation ,waiting is everything.
Everything through it .I call it the greatest art .Why ?Because in between master and disciples ,the greatest mystery was to experience ,the most profound something to enjoy ,the highest things flow .
This is known and unknown about the relationship between the finite and the infinite ,the relation between time and eternity ,the relationship between the seed and flower ,the relationship between the actual and potential ,the relationship between the past and the future ,the relationship between them .
Only in the past ,the master is only the future. Here ,in their deep love and waiting, they encounter. The disciples is the time ,the master is eternal .The disciples is the mind, the master is no mind ( not read ) .
The disciples is all he knows ,the master is unknowable .When the master and disciple appeared between the bridge, which is a miracle .Between known and unknown ,to bridge the gap between time and eternity ,is a miracle .
Do my thing ,because he knows what to do .Do not you ,should not be your thing .Because if you do ,you upset the whole thing .You don know what you are -- How can you do ?They wait ,know very well that he cannot do .
He does not know the direction, he does not know what is good and what is bad ,he didn him. How could he do ?Do my thing .But when I say I do is master hair thing ,don .She never do what -- if they can wait ,the master itself became do .
His presence becomes a catalyst ,a lot of things will come very naturally to begin to happen. Someone asked the master Qi in the forest (Zenerin ) :you disciples do? He said :what do I do ?I did nothing .
Ask people say: but you had so much ,you must do what .Qi Nehring said: sat quietly ,what not to do ,the arrival of spring ,the natural growth .This is the master do: sat quietly ,doing nothing ,waiting for the right time ,waiting for the spring .
When the master and disciples meet, it is spring .Spring is coming ,the natural growth .It is what happened. She just sat there ,doing nothing ,and waiting for the master do, then spring came .
Once they meet, the grass will grow. In fact ,the truth is a place ( happening ) ,one can only Let it happen .Nothing can be directly made into ,one can only let it happen .Unless it occurs ,otherwise you will never know it ,because you only know only what you do to what ,if you can do nothing ,nothing will happen.
So you do not understand completely different things. On the other side. But if you observe your own life ,you will see a lot of things you didn do occur .When it happens ,what do you do ?The grass will grow.
Spring comes suddenly ,your life is just something in the flowers ,which bloom -- for someone you love .What do you do ?This is why people are afraid of love -- because it is a place ,you can control it ,you can control it .
That is why people say love is blind .In fact ,the truth is just the opposite -- love is the only clear see ,love is the only eye ,and people actually love is blind ,because they are incapable of action of love .
Love possessed them ,they no longer have control ,they are off center .They say love is blind ,because the reason not there -- it is irrational .It like crazy ,like high fever ,it is like a disease Like to hit you.
It looks like that,Adidas _ crown series _ crown Prynne _ female _ sports shoes _ shopping shopping channel, because you lost control over -- life .The truth with love quality .Therefore Jesus repeatedly said :love is God God is love ,because of their quality from the same source.
The truth like love ,you can to do, even the doors are not knock .You inhale, exhale, that is life .How do you do it ?Are you people ?Breathe in, hold your breath for a few seconds ,then you will know that you doing .
You can screen for a long time. In a few seconds ,the atmosphere will be forced out of ,breath ,hold :within a few seconds ,you you it is incapable of action -- breath will be forcibly sucked in .
In fact ,grass natural growth as breathing .It according to the law of their own growth ,you doing .However self avoiding face up to the fact. Self just look at those things you can do it .
,accumulation can do, avoid those things will happen ,throw them into unconsciousness .It self is critical, it is not a complete view of life .The truth is a place ,the last occurrence ,ultimate ,in the event of you into everything ,everything into your LOPA language in ladder .
In this department ,called Mahamudra ,an ultimate orgasm ,it occurs in the individual consciousness and the consciousness of the whole one ,the whole sea of consciousness -- in the water and sea .
It is a completely sexual climax ,both lost in each other ,self melting .The same thing happened to the master and his disciples .Master of marine character ,his disciples is a drop of water -- finite and infinite meet .
Need a lot of patience ,requires infinite patience .Hurry is of no use. Now ,try to understand this beautiful Zen allegory. Let every word to you in the presence of the core. You have come here for this.
If you can understand this story ,you will be more accessible to me. Every time .When I have free time ,A pair of shoes Reebok, Total 48 basketball shoes, -- RBK unheralded Mid,Yin Sheng will use this opportunity to him and ask for tips. I school in Liezi is a master ,is it I disciple of a Liezi than one .
Ordinary master ,he doesn your little problem ,you do not care about the behavior ,he doesn not worth mentioning .Professor .Only concerned with the ultimate .He had many disciples. There are two types of disciples.
One is the master select disciples ;another kind is to choose their own master their disciples .Quality is not the same. The Yin Sheng is a second class -- it is the difference in the world.
If she choose you,Let the shop every day browses a quantity soares 22 practical promotion method, that is entirely different. Of course ,you can also do not know that the master chooses you .In fact ,the master will use a special way to persuade you ,make you feel that you choose the master .
The master must skillfully done, because if he let you know he has chosen you, your ego would create an obstacle, because like masters like self ;self control .Every day I encountered the same situation :I can know I choose you ,I must give you the choice my freedom.
However difference is very big ,because when a selected disciples of the master ,he is with a thorough understanding of choice .He looked right through you ,you all of the potential ,possibility ,past and future -- the whole life will not be revealed to him .
But if you choose to master ,you almost always wrong choice ,because you are in the dark. Does not know who he is ,how can you choose ?Do not know what is the truth ,how can you choose one master? How can you judge ?Whatever you judge what ,you will make mistakes.
I can absolutely say :This is not some wrong some of The problem. Not .Whatever you choose what is wrong ,because you are in the dark ,you do not have that judgment is based on the inner light, you do not have any standards ,you have no touchstone .
You might not know what is and what is not gold gold. A true light to provide a long Ning Enfu milk .Grave gray mathematics really light to provide milk ,Ning Enwai X expression optional .
A foolish explorers will try to select the master ,then ,from the beginning, will have trouble .Liezi and his master I relationship, has a completely different character .I chose Liezi.
And this Yin Sheng chose Liezi. If a they make choices, he is attacking -- because this selection ,the attack began .Even you choose master ,master also won shut sb. ,just out of compassion ,he can not refuse you .
Every time .When I have free time, Yin Sheng took advantage of this opportunity for tips. The begging is not really begging ,it is a kind of loot .In fact ,he is an offensive ,rather than a beggar .
Beg just a diplomatic means .He is a thief ,but not a supplicant. Whenever you find an opportunity ,Liezi is not busy ,he began to beg the secret .Liezi once again refuse him ,don him, until one day he said .
.. ... Many times, Liezi can avoid ,delay ,saying : I will tell you ,the other time ,the time has not arrived yet ,you are not mature .And Yin Sheng is very stubborn ,finally had to tell the truth.
He said :I think you -- don rude to this point? What is rude? Tips are not beg for ,you have to earn tips. You must be carrying capacity .The master secret is a gift for you :you can steal, you cannot go begging ,you cannot loot, you cannot go steal -- no way .
Mystery is only present ,rather than the other ,so you must have the carrying capacity, so that ,master will take mystery as a gift to you .He is willing to share a secret ,but you must go beyond your ordinary mind ,because the ordinary mind without the ability to share .
Jesus always say is this meaning :pearl should not throw to the pig front. Because pigs not understanding ,the understanding of in it there is not present .You can understand the language, but the secret is not the language .
You can understand the concept, but the secret is not a concept .The trick is not philosophy ,doctrine. The secret is the master intrinsic energy ,is his treasure. If you Rose higher and higher ,you will master more and more close.
Think you can only master and he sitting down ,he will keep secret for you. Would one day earlier . give him cannot give .To who ?For mercy he is willing to give ,but these tips only will be wasted.
In the Soviet Union a mystic figure can ( Dhun-nun ) there also happened .He has a certain disciple. The disciples like Yin Sheng .He stubbornly ask again and again .One day ,graph will give him a stone ,told him to go to the market ,go to the vegetable market ,and tried to sell it .
This stone very ,very beautiful .But the master said: don .Just try to sell it .Observe ,ask some people ,then just tell me in the vegetable market it can sell number .The man go .Many people watch it to :it can make very good small ornaments ,our children can play ,or we can regard it as known vegetable weight .
So they made an offer ,but only a few coins ,about 10 paise ( Paise ) .That person back. He said :it can only sell 10 Paisa -- reaction is different from the 2 paise to 10 paise per month.
The master said: you go to the gold market ,Ask the people there .But don ,only ask the price. From the gold market back ,the disciple is pleased ,said: these people are great .They are willing to up to 1000 rupees .
Reaction is different ,from RS 500 to RS 1000 per month. The master said: go to the jewelry business there, but don . went to the jeweller .He couldn They are willing to give 50000 rupees ,he didn ,they continue to raise prices -- them up to 100000 rupees .
But this man said :I am not going to sell it . : 200000 the rupee ,300000 rupees ,or you need to how much how much, as long as you !The man said : cannot sell .I just ask the price. can -- these people crazy .
He considered the market price was enough .He came back with Hui Shitou .The master said: we are not going to sell it ,but now you see, this wants to see you ,see you ,is it right? A touchstone understanding.
If you always ask questions ,then you are living in the vegetable market .If you are living in a market, then you have only the market understanding. Then you will get valuable tips :requirements you To claim the diamonds .
First became a jeweler ,and then come to me ,and I will teach you some special character .Understanding is necessary ,only then some truth will be for you. As for the secret? You can claim them, because if you ask ,it shows you are a vegetable market.
You must wait ,you must be the endless wait for ,that shows you are willing to dedicate your whole life .So it shows how you cherish these tips -- all of you would sacrifice yourself .
Then ,the master will share with you his presence .Nothing is given .Because these are not things .Energy just like fire jump from master to you .It into you ,and your whole change .
I used to think that you -- don rude to this point? So stubborn question shows a vulgar mind .You don asked what .An unfledged ,childish ,you look a little training and no ,neither know with whom you are together ,also don asked what .
Then Liezi said he and his master story. This is a rare story .Now ,I will tell I learned from the master tell you what his master is .I ,the founder of Taoism ,is ever walked the earth, and the greatest one lieh-tzu said: to serve the master .
After 3 years ,my mind no longer dare to think ,I no longer dare to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the mouth .Until then ,my master only glanced at me .Over the past 3 years .
He is just the other way around. You can do ?You can only serve the master .Besides ,his disciples what we could do. May not question ,can not ask ,can not only master disciple requirements .
A shadow ,serve him .Through service ,through his love ,respect ,trust ,his head began to change. Lieh-tzu said: my mind is no longer dare to think .consider what is right what is wrong is simply not possible.
When you and her life together, you don to think. As long as you move with him .You leave everything to him, you surrender .Lietse said: my mind is no longer dare to think ,my mouth no longer dare to talk about the pros and cons.
because the master lived together, your whole attitude began to change. Through master this fan windows ,the first time you see To the whole : over there, right and wrong meet and harmony ,where the darkness and the light are no longer separated .
Heraclitus said: day and night, summer and winter ,hunger and meet .by master ,first saw began to come to you .She became a window :you leave him closer, you will understand more confusion .
You until anything useless ,superfluous. You been shaken .Your whole foundation was shaken .Years had arrhythmias .You never know what on what went wrong. You have been through the master saw whole, overall all inclusive.
Overall inclusive of all contradictions ,overall inclusive of all paradox .In the whole ,all opposites meet and are combined into a whole. That is why Liezi said that he would not dare to think what on what went wrong.
All non-standard off. All what is what is fraud concept will disappear . at that time ,my master only caught a glimpse of me for 3 years .the deepest trust ,serve ,when she saw the old mind no longer function time -- that live in contradiction, good and evil ,ugliness and beauty ,and that the old mind -- that branch Other minds will no longer sometimes ,until then ,I master only a glance at me.
Liezi said is what meaning? Don years she has never seen .?impossible. To serve the master ,the master must have seen him millions of times. So he said :a glance at . What is the meaning ?look glance is completely different.
is a passive event. When I look at you ,my eyes like a window like play, you is reflected, it is not glance . glance .My eyes are not like the window as play, but my eyes began to take effect ,it will be my energy dumped into your face .
They are not passive; they take the master energy. When the bear the master most deep energy ,it becomes Michi .Glance is a kind of great creativity .It at your heart ,like an arrow .
It through your deepest core .In a sense ,it is like an arrow ,because it will penetrate ;in another sense ,it is like a seed -- you .Glance is so that you have a master energy . at a glance a look Completely different.
At a glance ,master from his own existence to your center. At a glance is a bridge . 3 years master must have seen examples many times, but it glance. Only when I give you a glimpse of the time ,you will understand the difference.
Sometimes ,,I caught you at a glance -- but whenever I caught one eye ,known only to him ,no one else will know at a glance .Must be earned ,you must go to prepare. no ,but glance has a strong energy .
It is the master presence of metastasis ,is the first time he tried to penetrate your .until then ,I master only a glance at me. Remember seeing glance distinction. See just see -- that .
At and it has qualitative distinction -- something moving. Look into carrier -- it no longer empty ,there are certain things and move it along .If you ever fall in love, you may know at a glance what .
A woman ever seen you many times ,but this is just an ordinary watch -- like other people see you. Then one day, a spring morning ,she give you a glimpse of it completely .Different ;it is an invitation ,it is given ,it is summoned.
One moment ,something pierce your heart .This woman is no longer the same as before ,you are no longer the same as before. Some things happened between you .Only you two know what happen .
This is absolutely secret, it is not publicly available .No one else was aware of what happened ,they don know at glance However this is unimportant ,the look of love and master how can see you ,and her look is not to look ,and became a glance.
Because when two lovers with love glance at each other ,they stand on the same level flow .When she looks at you, it is like a spectacular waterfalls ,because their level is different ,it Niagara Falls is telling you out .
You are completely washed away ,you no longer before you ,you can before is before you -- there .Once master glances at you, your deepest existence will be another way to hum ,will be another kind of rhythm of life.
In fact ,you is not what you : at a glance ,the old disappear, new existence was born Liezi said .Is this meaning -- after 3 years of serving the master ,wait ,what also don one day ,he got a master glance.
After 5 years, my mind and thought ,my mouth and talked about the pros and cons. Her face for the first time smiles .Try to read this story :This is your story .It that happened in the past ,but in the future will be happened.
All Zen stories are about your future story .So dons happened in the past .Zen never in the past, it has been in the future. You must bring it into the present .What happened ?Serve the master 3 years later ,he no longer dare to think of what to what went wrong ,no longer dared speak of what on what went wrong ,what is good what is harmful .
Then ,look after what happened ?My mind and thought ,my mouth and talked about the pros and cons. what happened ?Originally do you think something is right ,something is wrong ,because the society to restrict you like that .
That what you think ,it you ,it you inside the society. Social restrict your mind. It deep within you, and then from there to control you. Now ,scientists say sooner or later we can take Electrodes are installed in the deepest parts of the human brain ,and then ,through which the electrodes ,one can be controlled.
The government will be able to govern the country ,and you don else is control you. You will feel that you are doing these things .If he moved a button ,you can make you calm down .As long as to move a button ,you can make you angry .
And map ( Delgedo ) was a famous experiment :he put an electrode ,a small electrode ,is mounted on a bull head .Then he made a public demonstration, his hands holding a small appliances ,a small radio signal machine ,have a few buttons .
He pressed a button ,then the bull rushed to him, in a threatening manner ,all the people are afraid to Cato would be killed. As the crucial moment ,bull is penetrating and diagram of the moment ,he presses the other a button .
All of a sudden ,bull seemed dead settle ,like a statue. Inside the electrode by radio control -- as long as the press of a button ,the bull will become so fierce, and as long as you press another button ,a bull and a screechinghalt.
This is a very new discovery ,but society as early as in prehistoric times Begin to use another way ,a clever way of doing this .Society is not in your head mounted electrodes ,but soon it will do it, because that cheaper and easier ,since then there would be no possibility of human freedom ,and do a downright dangerous thing ,than the atomic energy atomic bomb hydrogen bomb ,or more dangerous thing -- that can destroy your body ,and Cato can destroy it is your soul ,your freedom possibilities.
You don know you were in the other person under the command of the action ,you will find yourself in action .In a wonderful ,original way ,society for human to do the same thing. Social teach you what is right and what is wrong.
From the earliest age, it is a concept to your head ,and then the continuous repetition of hypnosis you -- continuous repetition and feedback .Whenever you do the time ,you will be appreciated ;whenever you wrong ,you will be condemned .
As long as you do, you get positive feedback :give you a prize ,for your appreciation. Once there is nothing wrong ,there is a negative feedback :you be punished ,condemned it .Is social in installing electrode Method ,then it control you .

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