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Friday, 27-Apr-2012 08:23 Email | Share | Bookmark
The market adjustment is your admission opportunity

By Huijin holdings of bank shares, as well as new financial " nine " the impact of the news, the market today, opening the way to the high jump,Leather shoes to wear what kind of socks, the financial stock index as the index of leading sheep, following the Shenzhen market, today, the Shanghai market also hit the market this round of new highs in the disk.
Today, the stock market index and stability index, small and medium-sized market share continued to rise steadily, each callback have additional funds admission,Adidas Jeremy Scott Schuhe, the market is expected to continue strong.
Yesterday analysis the author puts forward: does not break the 5 daily average lines will impact point, did not think of today is realized, and in the middle of the analysis report, I once again remind investors: be bold to do more, many investors think do is hold,Jeremy Scott Adidas, is " &quot, cover the stock; so, you are wrong,Adidas Wings, you should always use concussion opportunity, " high parabolic bargain-hunting ", to maximize profits, whether you believe it or not, at least to remind you of " from 5 lines can stock first off, " now seems correct.
In the stock market, even if you know that the market will rise, also cannot cover " " stocks do not move, usually on the report will all know, correct operation mode should be &Quot; select a potential stock ", to meet the technical conditions of the times, to the center line of thinking intervention, short-term thinking to maximize profits, not only in the big Yin Xi Pan when, be the main catch the next car.
Tomorrow how to operate? Because the market rises continuously, have accumulated a great deal of profit even if the main, also want to continue to do, he will choose the opportunity after concussion, will not the strong wash out, so, the author still suggest you: increased use of class " T+0" skill, bold do the difference; tomorrow is the author predicted in advance the important window of time,Nike Ji'nan flyover shop _ Sina blog, from today's close observation, there should be upside opportunity, suggest you tomorrow after the opening 5 daily opportunity,adidas JS WINGS 2.0 Uomo, firmly intervene, once again breaking the 2020m2030 point, the market will still go strong, conversely, if the market fell below 5 on average, Monday has left out.
Continuous reminder of the small and medium-sized plate has become strong, for there is no record high stock, still can bargain intervention, and have high stock, please avoid attention away from line 5 stock, many stocks still have double opportunity, particularly benefited from the construction of power grid plate; tomorrow Shanghai local board, also did not have the recordA stock is expected to rise, can be of concern.
The recent trend of very strong market, many stocks are achieved the double trend, many "golden" readers want the short-term counseling " market in the near future, the author of how to operate " simple answer is as follows: firstly, please select MACD has red stock,My only wings where you are - literary, in the " body upward " when, once the stock price on average 5 days, there will be attack,, for example at noon yesterday to remind the Chinese peace and last tutorial reminder of the Baiyun Airport, the courage of relatively large investors, can pick on May average stock, each breakthrough in line 5, will to challenge a new high some, such as electrician and Oriental Yuhong.
Shanghai this week classes will teach " capture rises continuously, and is expected to double the Niugu and how to use the after shocks? T+0 &quot of the transaction; and other skills. The above comments only on behalf of the personal opinion, only suitable for short-term operation, according to the market, serious may risk greatly.
Statement: there are people posing as the cheat money, the author again " not enrolled in any form of membership, not Valet financial management not to cooperate with others opened QQ group; " "golden" short-termThe technology please yourself, I am not stock operating suggestions, please understanding.

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