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Buddha wants us to know what

Buddha wants us to know what Singapore May 13, 2005 discoveryBook Teacher Hong Wenliang discovery ( Note: the first section has several local video interrupt ) HH thirty years ,nearly forty years ,so after a lot of law ,master guiding ,and have a look our friends in the learning process that way, some of the time progress ,some time back .
Originally is the pure land ,less than a year, a meeting ,hey ,he doesn Buddha .I said what are you doing ?Also believe in Buddhism ?He that believeth .Then asked him why you don get the counter ,read a &quot ;Amitabha Amitabha Buddha ,Amitabha ,&quot ;hand took the counter with Amitabha accounts :today I have read one hundred times .
He said I now believe that Hokke Shu ,the Lotus Sutra fahua. Oh ,transfer !We speak is to transfer to another school ,want to go .There friend ,long time no see ,meet, don pray to Buddha, also no longer on the fahua ,nor speak ,read ,nothing ,Tantric ?He did not close, then what are you doing ?He said I leave school .
Once ,stop .That some are even dropped out of school ,not angry .Mage ,This confidence ( 1: 35-1:58 interrupt) HH walk, will receive ?If you do not come, then I do? Or ,learn Zen ,hey ,listen to a lot of people say ah ,Zen meditation ah ,ah ,be rather baffling a detective ,I know ,I know ,but, I heard someone to walk away, or panic.
That said ,alas ,be honest Buddha ah ,there is a faith ,a thing can rely on HH so ,public opinions are divergent. ,unable to agree on which is right ,do not know what to do .Then you ask you teacher ,whether in the home became a monk ,they will teach you what they specifically that a man.
So confused like we compare scientific with a scientific view of young friends ,or is more sensible ,will think, what the Buddha is to us what the Buddha ?Is it right? Should we will Buddha Buddha Buddha ?Is it right? Should we read to one is not random, then ,are Amitabha ,or Amitabha sent his department down put you through to the Pure Land Buddhism ,is it right? Should we do this ?If so it would be a simple, when he was alive, in forty-nine years, he does not have many classics .
,,,ah ,what a prince If ah ,Nirvana Sutra ah ,do not speak ,he told us ,you have to read a certain name ,or a spell ,desperately want ,more than one hundred thousand times ,there must be someone to receive !If not then ,I lied to you ,I should be in charge of can .
So simple, but he does not do this !Shakyamuni Buddha just into the road ,he said, and then say something a little different ,can be said to be from the simple, slowly guide you ,finally he was leaving, Nirvana when the true words ,which we all know .
He just what the Buddha when you know ?The content recorded called by Kegon ,said about by Kegon content. Who notes down ?Is Ananda down .Ananda was followed by Buddha to his servant for thirty years ,so ,he by Buddha for so long ,a lot of people ,a lot of heretics to debate with him ,or want to play out ,then the Buddha will argue with him ,or him ,Ananda are heard by some supernatural power .
But at that time ,India will play the ghost of a lot of places ah ,ah! Light ,air ,water ,head ,foot At the end of the fire ,will ,the outside will do .They are not the Buddha students ,are competing with the Buddha that a religious family ,these many in India.
The last Buddha persuaded them. These processes are to be visible before the eyes ,and his memory is very good, every to ask a question, the Buddha how to answer ,finally how to overcome him ,he knows what is Buddha .
When enlightened ,you remember ?He sitting one day in the bodhi tree ,the early morning time, looked up ,see a star, you are to understand the story. See the star time, Sakyamuni Buddha said ,alas ,strange! Is that moment ,he knows that life in the universe of all secrets ,so have the Dharma.
He said strange ah ,every sentient being, including cats, dogs, or celestial gods ,ghosts ,ghost ah ,it is included in the sentient beings ,to remember not only refers to the person ,is a sentient being.
He said strange, all all beings with Buddha ,no two no two !What ?Wisdom ,virtue ,wisdom .The &quot ;&quot ;,have the wisdom to Buddhism ,Buddha. Hey ,living beings of wisdom and the Buddha are the same ;&quot ;de &quot ;,Moral &quot ;&quot ;&quot .
This &quot ;Germany ;not to say ,Buddha, and Buddha before, every sentient being has to Buddha as moral ,not the de .&quot ;&quot ;we now call what ?Function ,merit function ,all have this function.
Function know ?Can weightlifting ,can fire ,can cool things ,can supply energy and so on .Feet can walk ,eyes can see things ,ears to hear, this function is not a learned !You not hard in school with a teacher how to listen to the sound ,how to see things ,not so come !Come slowly has this ability ,this is called &quot ;&quot ;,have this function .
&quot ;intelligent &quot ;&quot ;&quot ;,,there is a word of what? &quot ;&quot ;.Phase is ,a dog is a dog ,man is man ,Asura is the Asura way of heaven ,God is God ,heaven ,each with should be the one that you are .
This is pretty long beautiful ,you should look very strong and strong, you should like a girl like a girl, each with the should such a phase ,we called the origin .You do it Many good deeds ,so this life out of everyone looked very gentle, very kind ,very amiable .
Past kill too much, too fierce, the life out of it, it is ugly. It is this appearance was like this ,this is called the &quot ;&quot ;.Can you, dad and mom are like you made it pretty handsome, but not necessarily ah !So ,every sentient being has to Buddha as wisdom ,virtue ( capacity ,function ) ,and phase .
You said &quot ;Buddha phase is a phase thirty-two ,eighty OK ,how can we better than &quot ;that ?You did not understand the Buddha .Every sentient being one phase ,the phase is Buddha .
You don think &quot ;my face like a cat ,my face like a monkey ,how can I like a Buddha so solemn ,thirty-two phase eighty ?&quot ;that you read the wrong classic .We read Buddhist scriptures are very often we read their own ,interpret out of context ,then that this is the Buddha said ,so do many Buddhists do not know today my topic Buddha to what we know ,all wrong.
Everyone, or teach teacher a little responsibility. Because they are To listen to the reading ,to .Now has a computer ,is not necessarily look book .Computer is so convenient, open, a network of many ,various religious sects and factions where noisy ,there argument.
You learn ,you can also according to this appearance . So ,you just listen to the teacher, then you according to your personality ,your habits in the past understanding of the Dharma ,become ingrained in your subjective .
Also did not listen to the law ,do not very thorough ,deeply understand the Buddha speaks ,this classic is aimed at ,where previously ,you already have their own views ,we called prejudice bias in it.
Then I Buddha is so to speak ,the sutra was so written ,or are many of the master computer ,so kindly told you ,but look at the people ,read ,you have a bias in it. This bias, is human weakness .
Everybody hate give up is my own views. Sakyamuni Buddha is most main, important point ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Schuhe,he said ,unless you can put their guns, his opinion is your own opinion ,your own opinions ,in addition to this opinion away ,you can really understand Buddhism.
Because you had in you stand there, that Why no matter what I say ,I say white ,you also accept a black .I didn say so, but it sounds like the band ,sunglasses ,was not green ,so wear it ,much as is dark green ,and then with others argue it is dark green.
Why ?Because he was wearing sunglasses .But he does not recognize, or is he doesn has to wear glasses .This ,the Buddha said .&quot ;&quot ;,his own opinion. This &quot does ;&quot ;very badly ,put on you can argue with him .
Because he is as green as green ,red ,as ,is he lying ?&quot ;it is green you are red !&quot ;did he lie to us? No cheat .But he did not know that he has to wear sunglasses .This is &quot &quot ;his opinion ;badly.
So Sakyamuni Buddha again ,like a manager called light he said Tibetan samadhi ,does not except ah ,you this is as strong as iron ,so strong that their views ,is it right? You don review can review ,do not have such a review will adhere to this view ,the best &quot &quot ;the pure land buddhism ;,Or &quot ;Zen is the best.
Ah ,Tantra is infatuated with the &quot ;-- this is opinion. If this opinion words ,various religious sects and factions have argued ,today Buddha true to what we know ,not clear .
Here to listen to the esoteric sect ,there to hear the explicit teaching of Vinaya sect ,&quot ;well ?So different ?&quot ;because you have ideas in it ,so it looks like this two things are opposite ,contradictory ,there is no way to accept it.
Then ,the partial harder ,more partial more explicit teaching .The said ,&quot ;esoteric ah ,this rate increase with Zhu ah ,a lot of appearance ,many tricks, but they are in is inside, the pursuit of what we need ,to meet all those things ,so how wrong.
&quot ;the tantric friend said ,&quot ;you were taught only speak empty ah ,ah ,what is nirvana .Net ,thirty-seven items ,eight ,told a lot ,however ,every man of practice looks surfaces such as dishes ,dishes ,but also more than that of green green very ,scrawny ,are you still there monasticism ?Which did not pass .
Three rounds of seven veins ,we have three around the veins ,midvein ,ah ,you that things are not Through the body ,is not good ,can become the road ?A joke! &quot ;two each other on the controversy .
So today to solve this problem .&quot ;Buddha ah ,please. Oh ,do you want us to learn Tantric nadis through ?Or should we read the Amitabha Buddha Amitabha ,has been read to Amitabha to the jointing ?What do you want us to do what one ?Or just to do ?Just to do too hard ,not enough time !We have to make money ,but also work ,but also for other ,but also to enjoy ,and watch TV ,and gambling ,and playing mahjong !&quot ;therefore ,I am a friend is very interesting ,he says ,&quot ;your love Buddhist friends wonder ,how like the Christians ,they have only one Bible ,the Bible only one ah ,so the priest up is turning to the chapters ,and talk ,they nod ,Amen ,confession is good .
What is it ,Yan Zong ,what the Heart Sutra ,Prajnaparamita ,Nirvana Sutra .Ah !The Tripitaka look, frightened ,so much !You too good ,why not put it succinctly into a small ,let us turn to read ,an hour to read it ,and then rush Soon to play mahjong .
Oh ,so we at a time ,ass sit bad do not know what is the import of the Avatamsaka Sutra .Avatamsaka Sutra is finished, the Lotus Sutra and the Lotus Sutra ,half read ,in front of the Avatamsaka Sutra and forgotten once told us .
The Amitabha Buddha ,suddenly told us to read the Om Mani Padme hum hum ,alas ,while no effect ,another master teaches us to read candi mantra ,namo and multiple Na ,three no three Buddha HH OM is neither fish nor fowl to log HH hh&quot ;so this is our problem ,we have trouble ah ,my friends are a lot of trouble .
Then we should like to know how the Buddha to what we know ,what ?Just know not ah ,will .Just know that it is very simple. &quot ;I know computer ah ,very convenient ah &quot ,but he did not move ;too ,really told him to run the computer ,he got lost .
Email will not be issued ,the writing does not return . &quot ;you know computer ?&quot &quot ;he would say ;I know! &quot ;Buddhism often say ,is not to let you know ,let you will ,will play computer play computer games .
Even after you have ,even further, to the Buddha As to pass the L R. How to transcend ?Even I will play computer games in the L R L r this word ,I will also forget .&quot ;I Dharma &quot ;there is also a &quot ;&quot ;&quot ,and &quot will ;Buddhism ;these two things in there, Sakyamuni the Buddha said that No ,still not ,&quot ;&quot : not yet.
I ;know the Dharma ,&quot ;&quot ;with the realm of the Buddha ,here also has a l me r ?Because you think I will &quot ;&quot ;&quot ;&quot ah ,ah ,I know ;that is it right? I have &quot ;phase &quot ;the Diamond Sutra ?Why? Not me .
It not I who said &quot ;I will be ,I know ,I can put in &quot ;?So ,Buddha said later ,you know the Buddha message ,and the realm of the Buddha as, after, you say &quot ;I made ,I said ,I was enlightened &quot ;realizing the idea may not have .
Even said ,&quot ;the enlightenment idea did not &quot ;this cannot have a .&quot ;I get the idea did not &quot ;also does not have a l r you have this idea ?So will accidentally fall into the &quot ;&quot ,l i r I ;how I understand ,l R ,l R ,l r was very respected my faith ,l i r did ,Free ,l R I do without me HHL I r do l i r not contradictory ?No I was without me ,there is a L R I know I have me ?L i r do l i r is not a l i r there without moving ?L i r that what you say is not l l i r i r ,l R L R I do without me ?It is not a lie ?Oh ,but we love each other each other compliments ,glad ,happy each other .
This is general Buddhist friends accidentally will have this wrong ,and he does not understand very much .Often speak of the library ,the method without me ,deep silence ,he said ,is it right? ?how good the Buddha land ,how good ,we want to sacrifice themselves for others HH ah ,this statement ,each person to listen to a two hall of Buddhist courses will speak Sakyamuni ,Basketball,should we do this ?No !He want us? Will the Buddha ?Will spell? Will fingerprints ?Will meditate meditation ?Can two hours double disc seat ?Or have you would visualize ?Will do the grand grand grand water fire ,a view the fire ,the fire will appear ,should do it like this ?Is it right? Should we do this? Do not know ah !Is then written scriptures ,[quote] Qigong Acupressure,a lot of method Division each one method ,each transfer method we have to learn the words ,bad ,one hundred years are still not well, may be we afterlife afterlife afterlife ,ten are not enough .
So the Buddha why so eluded us ?I just started when the Buddha Buddhism thought that play is it right? We ,strange! So much ,so much practice ,every mage into a can ,each one to have a deep ,he was also a deeply ,he has a deep ,one hundred in-depth .
So ,the problem you ever thought of that? What Sakyamuni to what we can do what ?Or do bad things ,he should teach us how to do good ,there is no clearly tells us ?Yes! But a lot of people do not pay attention to .
We just row is well ,how teachers teach us how to listen ,then back again slowly repaired repaired without effect ,.In addition to change a method ,transfer, again. Is this, ups and downs .
Never wondered ,how to do after all ?What the Buddha is to play what game ?You are very devout Buddhists ,sorry ah ,I talk like this may commit the most heinous crimes ,no ceremony Appearance.
In fact Buddha behind smile :&quot ;yes ,yes .&quot ;what is Buddha ,we do not know .So now we talked about these ,came back ,now we began the pursuit of the pursuit of the Buddha ,to what we know ,what we can do? Is ultimately became Buddha .
?is like the Buddha only, still have to follow the Buddha exactly the same? This is a problem . Then we have a look best in this basis, we think of Sakyamuni Buddha himself is how the Buddha ,it is the most say without mincing words !He himself how he ,himself how to work hard ,and finally to the realm of what he &quot ;Oh ,on !!!&quot ;we want to check his experience ,have a look ,right? Well ,we have a look of his history .
The Buddha was India child of the king ,the crown prince .Ooh ,what to what ,enjoy very ah ,young and strong ,handsome boy ,martial arts is also very good ,clever ,what to study soon .But he saw many people ,sick ,old ,unwilling to die will die ah ,not to bad luck ah ,is not willing to lose money suddenly lost money ,lose money .
Not willing to get together ,see every day Surface .Work is encountered most hated people ,strange. Unhappy ,quit ,find another job to go to work ,third days will find ,oh ,here than the previous more bad guy .
Don change always encounter .Some time in working against an object ,alas ,very good. Very thoughtful ,very kind ,whether male or female ,will help you. Unfortunately ,not two weeks ,he turned ,he went to other places to work .
Love together but not together, hate the just as the shadow follows the form ,and to my butt .Not willing to the old ,the young ,especially girls ,love beautiful ,daily mirror ,mirror matter you ,as a day of old day ,watching her also no way, must be old .
Very healthy ,suddenly got sick, no way .The doctor can cure can cure disease, really have no way cure a lot .So the hospital just a treatment to the disease, to give you a little faster ,not mistaken ,give you medicine ,which is the origin of truth.
Really no way, no cure ,no way ,no way to Buddha is that karma ,.You must be .Do not know the thought believe Buddha ,faith in God ,Will be able to own the deserved or turn out, it is too selfish ,Buddha said no such thing .
The Buddha said no, believe me ,you can never lose ,never give a person fired ,never ill ,never die ,he did not say so. If one person say so ,that is not the Buddha says ,it is us .
So we should make it clear he really wants us to understand his words ,know of his intentions . Where there is the illocutionary meaning words ,words in the true meaning. Sometimes mom &quot ;&quot ,in fact that it not ;&quot ;&quot ;meaning.
The pursuit of a girl, &quot ;today the evening dinner ?&quot ;&quot ( &quot girls ;not ;implicit shape ) ,hey ,that there is &quot ;can ,today to &quot ;.So ,this sometimes you don directly to in Buddhism .
This is called &quot ;illocutionary meaning ,&quot ;&quot ;&quot ,very mysterious mysterious purpose ;the essence. So to be able to see, hear, all depends on what ?Buddha Sakyamuni ,the past master often speak &quot ;third eyes see things that &quot ;.
With two eyes ,a lot of the so we are usually wrong .Is not in third eyes ,not knowing the Buddha ,Buddhist scriptures really mean .So just as I read &quot ;the method ,the library hh&quot ;third eyes did not open .
Then ,( picked up a cup ) this cup ,cup ,round ,small .Third eye on this thing ?I look in my eyes there like .This is the third eye .This is like ,because light relationship, according to my eyes there .
Eyes there was no this as equals the camera is not shine like ,,how do you read it ?So it is this like my eyes the eye ,the eye of the omentum in the image ,and the like into my brain ,mind to know what this is like ,read it ,read it ,read this .
So we see this as it is not the image into our brain in there ,no, this is like but the camera according to the image ,we are now on the omentum omentum .Like ,we converted into a neural stimulation ,the stimulation of the brain to the brain .
It, read it ,not .Because like not into the brain in mind ,we want as can fit in ?Mind it A stimulus ,read it read reading ,read &quot ;&quot ;.We don show as we head to read it well .
This as not to our thinking in there ,it stopped at our omentum ,and stopped at our omentum is very small ,not so great .So big that it can get in our eyes ?Go .But this is like ,upside down .
The physics students science knows ,this is like an upside down .The reverse figurines become so like the size of the image ,but ,as it is ,and the brain turn around .You know how do you turn ?Everyone every moment of every moment is enough to turn the image .
You don know when you turn ,you do not carefully &quot ;I want to send this as upside down can Oh ,otherwise a is upside down like &quot ;,right? You are not carefully ah ,not labor.
What is this ?This is called your Buddha nature .This is the force of every sentient beings have Buddha wisdom ,Virtue -- function .As upside down ,appears in the retina ,and turn it into a neural stimulation to the brain ,brain inside ,to bring the thorn Bowel and turn into a like the same feeling -- wisdom ,virtue ,phase ,,each individual has ,nor to who to want ,nor to the Buddha Amitabha ,for giving me this ability.
Each one has is the Buddha speaks !Hey, not Hong Wenliang .Classic written by so clear ,but we still think ,oh ,this is not the only bow ,Amitabha Buddha ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings,one hundred thousand ,one million people have the merit ,have this .
Not ah !Every sentient being there ,is that you don we have with the Buddha wisdom and virtue ,with phase .We say the wrong time .Why ?No third eye .Do your usual these two eyes see it like this, a meat bun eyes, oh ,flowers ,thing ,good ,beautiful ,bad HH gave the turn off .
Good as bad as ,happy ;,hate !Good sound ,to listen, to compliment your ,ah ,how to say a few words ;revile you ,hate ,adidas JS WINGS 2.0 Uomo,this person doesn me why HH ?Voice was sound ,sound ,there is no compliment you ,against you, is the sound to your head in there ,you read it ,&quot ;hey ,he scolds me ;hey ,he praised my &quot ;it is the mind .
The mind playing with flowers ,Like ah .You give yourself the role of cerebral play off .So, &quot ;&quot to exit without moving ;to do ah .A good happy realm ,the realm of a bad angry.
Ears have to be angry ?Eyes will not angry ?Not .See hate people eyes will not tremble ,eyes tremble ,would it? That compliments your ears ,ears will be happy to move like that ?Not really .
You met slander ,ears so close ?Never .Why do you not happy ,why ?Why charmed ?Mind separately .The spirit of the respectively the role of Sakyamuni Buddha ,in consciousness :consciousness ,respectively in sixth consciousness.
It can respectively. The difference, long ,short ,heavy ,light ,red ,green can be respectively ,but this respectively below and the boss, behind-the-scenes producer .Are respectively ,but oh ,it will not born happy or hate .
Manas, behind the boss ,we say the Manas consciousness ,seventh consciousness .The boss ,To improve their own immunity, prevention of sub health,not happy ,not investment ,you can ,but is ,is ,is ( listen to the boss ) .The boss said to shut down ,take a shoot will shut down ;the boss said this yes, do that .
Oh !The protagonist of the salary will increase the HH root ,the Italian root around you like it or not .So you know what you ?We usually say only speak so difficult, actually so simple .
Only where there is so difficult? Most people want to say simple things a bit hard ,that we do not know ,but also sell well .In fact is such a simple thing, not to stop us ,Buddha ,Sakyamuni Buddha is that we should know is really like .
We see things ,we listen to the sound ,we feel this is delicious ,spicy ,salty ,is each individual natural ability ,is the wisdom of Buddha ,De ,phase one. He is telling us that it is like this ,he is not to show off what ah, go to the show with dignity .
Oh ,to worship ,will bow down before I give you these things ,no !He just say everyone is originally like this you do not worry ,do not exist. To go outside for ah ,you there ,you go find it .
Buddha Shakyamuni meant here .So we want to study ,or listen to the master argument ,or to practice human speech, your mind to know ,to know how to listen ,don really his remarks misunderstood ,error The solution is not good.
Then make things worse by repeated delays ,came out ,and then spread to ,it becomes a lot of very much ,we tell superstitious ,very much superstition ,superstition is that .So you can also say Buddha really wants us to do is do away with all fetishes and superstitions ,the most important task of this superstition superstition is :you think &quot ;I see ,in &quot ;&quot ;&quot ;listen ,this is the biggest misunderstanding.
In fact isn ;&quot ;can see, eyes see things ,light, space ,it must now .Now when it must function ,brain ,the inverted like can turn it into a positive look like .It is without your consent ,nor your effort ,right? To do so is who ?You ?If it was you ,you say I don that as upside down ,as it will always be with you .
Never !Irrelevant ,naturally like this now .So we speak ,Sakyamuni Buddha is always in our mind ,let us know ,Body and mind ,is actually how to move, how to move. The actual move is like the Buddha wisdom de phase ,is the method of it.
You should know I hear here in what to say, because of This is a description of the Buddha ,also know that this is the way to are two different things .I explained our eye mask ,the omentum has a like ,upside down ,like a smaller than true ,but we can turn it upside down ,put it as positive ,right? The shows are actually doing, brain physiology also say.
But this was actually in my mind moving are two different things .You tell &quot ;hot ,hot ,hot &quot ;the &quot ;&quot ;is not really hot in here ,your mouth is the mouth to say, never heat &quot ;pain ,pain .
&quot ;,talking for a long time and will not hurt .Actually encounter when the pain that is the real pain .Pain until you know &quot ;ah ,pain !&quot ;the pain of not up before you can tell the pain, can speak pain is deceptive.
&quot ;alas ,ache ,pain. Pain ,pain Oh ,mother ,that is &quot ;fool mom .Right? &quot ;mother good pain ,come quickly ,&quot ;went to my mother ,you &quot ;hey ,no hh&quot ;it is thought to lie .
So ,you thought how to think, the real pain do not come ,do not rising real pain .But you meet the pain situations, such as being stepped on you, stone Head against your feet ,your head ,forehead ,you do not want pain are not ah .
If is I ,I don hurt ,I can think of pain is not pain ?Not ah .&quot ;hey ,good pain !&quot ;because the pain we can call got pain .So &quot ;&quot ;,is a hypothesis ,so I called &quot ;&quot ;.
Diamond Sutra I phase ,one phase ,people ,life is ,this is what you want to come up with something. Think &quot ;I feel the pain ,&quot ;the &quot &quot is ;I ;you want to come out, I was &quot ;&quot ;&quot ;&quot ;.
Is illusory ,you think ,so I called the &quot ;&quot ;&quot &quot .No ;I ;in so many people say no .&quot ;&quot ;if it is bad, how would I eat ?How can I listen to it? How do I see ?Oh !You have &quot ;&quot ;can see ?With &quot ;&quot ;to eat ?I have to go hungry you call &quot ;&quot ;not well ,you said &quot ;I don .
Hungry ,not hungry ,&quot ;that you do not eat it. Oh ,no !He must be hungry .You that &quot ;&quot ;no way ,no strength. Actually thought Feeling hungry guy called &quot &quot ;I ;that is ,want to come out .
Diamond Sutra is told this ,I phase ,one phase ,life ,life of Buddha ,one one ,are you out of that thing is illusory .Want a lot of money on my desk ,to be ,what do you think can ah ,want to play in the above ,can .
Not really. Like our everyday life are for the cheat .I give an example : for example, someone just scold me a word, I feel very bad ,very uncomfortable ,but many people also feel shy ,angry .
Because you also learned a little road ,learned a bit of Dharma ,to his paramita ,hey ,put down ,I have to sit here .But occasionally think of that guy ,how ,when there were so many people ,drain my gas .
He grew more and more gas ,the gas is larger, more angry HH why get angry ?You didn think would be angry ?You don remember ,&quot ;ah ,just ten minutes ago ,someone told me those terrible things.
&quot ,you didn this matter ;you will angry angry ?Will grow up ?Not up. In fact you are angry, probably every such ,all things have gone , without a trace ,but your head is down .
Brains to remember ,remember that thing, let me not happy thing ,you want to come out .This matter has been passed ,after very ,twenty points ,ah ,young boss just told me what ,I come to think of it .
The content is what I think ,you seize the thought content ,in this it angry. You angry myself things ,to say you angry you. Happy as well. But we usually is such ah ,do not know! Buddha in the teachings of the Buddha ,has been told this .
Not to say ,your letter to me ,dying when you read more I will send two ,three to you ,for fear you someone to pick you up ,you lonely ,I send two ,three pick .He will not speak this !He always is ,actually you are something .
What ?He did not say who. This is what Buddha want us to know ,to the Buddha we know he said nothing .So ,be in hard hard here. We are one and a half hour ?I am afraid to speak much everybody is not used listen to this comparison is not Buddhist ,not the Dharma ,doze to .
In fact it is very dull ,flat We think this is real to Dharma ?We listen to ,watch ,Hong Wenliang how ,where run out, ask a guy ,watch ,listen to the talk is the Dharma .Be rather baffling ,we will ,will you ?We want is a pure land ,what we want is a blessing ,we are eliminating negative karma .

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