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Philosophy of subjective problem how to get high marks

According to statistics ,China ,natural gas and other important mineral resources per capita reserves are accounted for only 8.3% of the world average level,4.1%,last year China consumption of crude oil imports about 34%;at the same time ,GDP each additional dollar of the consumption of resources is 13 times of Japan ;in addition ,China resource recycling rate also far lower than developed countries ,such as water resource recycling rate lower than the developed country 50% above.
Contact philosophy common sense to talk about how to solve? ( 10)reference answer :1. Correctawareness of things development has stimulative effect, and establish the scientific concept of development ,attach importance to the protection and use of the resources .
( 2)in respect of the objective law, the right to give play to the subjective initiative ,and reasonable exploitation and utilization of resources .( 2 points),adhere to the development of ,innovative perspectives ,and use new technology ,develop new resources ,to realize the change of economic growth pattern ,take new-style industrialized way .
( 2)the combination of inside and outside because of / make full use of domestic and abroad .Two kinds of resources ,two markets. ( 2)the contradictory both sides of mutual transformation under certain conditions .
/ from traditional economy to circular economy transformation ,,turning waste into treasure ,raise resource utilization rate. ( 2)( score :each point is 1 pointsof view ,1) case of dialectical materialism View :the material determines consciousness ,awareness of the material has dynamic role, which requires us to do something to hold to everything from set out actually .
China vast territory and abundant resources ,but the large population ,the per capita resource is relatively less. This requires that we must control population growth ,the implementation of family planning .
( 2 points)of the materialist dialectics thinks ,the things are generally connected ,this requires us to use contact point of view ,China and the world is interconnected, China resource shortage ,can be imported to resources.
(2 )the things are changing ,which requires us to use the viewpoint of development problems. China large consumption of resources ,the problem of low utilization rate ,we must raise the technical content ,the enterprise to increase investment of science and technology ,raise the utilization rate of our country ,from solve problem of shortage of natural resources .
( 2 points).Through economic development ,raising the level of science and technology to solve the problem in our country .To improve the quality of the citizens, from develop a good habit of saving .
comment the answers from the materialism and dialectics theory explains how to solve the problem of resources .Clear thinking ,clear .But also have some shortcomings ,for example ,there is no philosophy combination.
The emphasis is that consciousness, heavy As the spiritual strength. In specific contact analysis is not specific enough and appropriate treatment ,in China and foreign countries is the problem of the internal relationship and external contact problems ,namely, the internal and external causes problems.
two of the material determines consciousness ,,right consciousness things on the role of promoting the development ,China should formulate corresponding plan ,raise resource utilization rate ( yield ) ,reduce consumption of energy ( the ) .
(1 points ) on everything from set out actually ,combine our country socialism primary level ( the ) fundamental national condition ,increase strength .( 1)the internal cause is the thing change development according to ,external cause is the thing change development conditions ,with the combination of internal and external causes to solve our country resource problems .
( 2)the change is the precondition of the development of things ,is the inevitable result of qualitative quantitative change ,our country only in practical work to strengthen the construction of resources ,will produce qualitative leap.
( 0)the key catchs contradictory the main aspects ,cannot ignore minor,ADIDAS Porsche Design P5000, distinguish the mainstream and tributaries, with two-point method, the theory of two points and key theory of contradiction, resolve the contradiction .
(0 )a combination of the above approaches ,the use of dialectical materialism ,see a problem ,will solve the problems of mineral resources a. .Case do paragraph and the serial number ,the answer code .
But problems exist obvious :the disease for ,,such as &quot ;reduce energy consumption and &quot ;.&quot ;ingredient deformity ,increase the intensity of &quot ;,what increase strength ,there is no point.
The analysis of binding material is not specified ,for example ,&quot ;with inside and outside by combining the perspectives to solve our country resource problem &quot ;no specific internal and external cause .
It .The only philosophy without binding material analysis ,so as to lose the opportunity. three of cases of things to move ,change ,development is both by common action .We think the problem when doing a thing ,must adhere to the combination of internal and external causes .
The attention to internal role ,training talents to create some new technology ,Jeremy Scott Adidas,raise energy utilization rate .( 1)the cannot ignore external cause ( of ) ,adidas JS WINGS 2.0 Uomo after the crisis,the importance of other countries some advanced energy conservation technology ,we should know how to introduce ,to be absorbed ,use .
( 1)the material sense of the decision ,we hold to everything from set out actually .In the face of our resources insufficient reality ,10, 1 what did you do,may be appropriate to compress some high energy consumption industry ,establish some low energy industry ,face the resource of our country average per capita reserves low reality ,should carry out the plan Family planning ,control population amount .
( 2 points)and to give full play to the subjective initiative ,pay attention to knowledge and the innovation of science and technology, raise resource utilization rate .( 2) of the students on the material analysis and apply the principle of reasonable ,no nonsense ,to write the score .
But his point is not science .Of the three ,is actually a problem of mm external factor dialectical relations .In the organization of the answer, not according to the materialism ,dialectics ,epistemology ,philosophy of life and the four part of the order ,so the answer is not perfect ,the omission.
four of the material sense of the decision ,consciousness is the reflection of the material ( objective ) ,we must act in accordance with objective laws ,proceed from reality in everything .
For the above problem ,no matter what action is taken ,first of all should from objective and actual set out ,seek truth from facts .( 2)the thing is development .The internal cause is the thing development cause and external cause ,is the development of things the necessary conditions.
We should combine internal and external problems .China less resources ,utilization rate is low ,use of advanced technology ,improve the utilization rate. ( 2)the contradiction is unity of opposites ,and widespread.
We should dare to admit a contradiction ,expose contradiction .We solve the problem , to use one divides into two. Point of view .Utilization rate is low ,the use of advanced technology ,can not be blindly ,want concrete analysis of concrete problems.
comment answer the first two written better, but the lack of mining ,on the structure of knowledge grasp is not firm. Especially II wrote about &quot ;the thing is development ,but &quot ;not to write the corresponding methodology ,don an independent principle ,just as the inner principle description language .
I development concept knowledge structure. The principle of contradiction is piling up, not a very good use of one of the principle ,its methodology and materials analysis. Explanation on the view of contradiction knowledge structure learning.
five of everything from set out actually ,realize our country has a large population ,per capita is little, economic base is poor ,put resources into economic benefits ability difference.
( 2)of the law of things is the objective existence ,people only know and use the law to really give play to the subjective initiative ,we have to understand the law of energy storage ,better tap new sources of energy.
( 1)the concrete analysis of concrete problems ,combined with China national conditions and the level of production, the reasonable development and utilization of new energy .( 1) answer only to comment on An approach for the description of the different angle and the different levels of philosophical truth.
Because in philosophy, everything from set out actually ,handle affairs by objective law ,seek truth from facts ,[reprint] life, might have to upstream,concrete analysis of concrete problems belong to the similar principle .We use the attention should be paid to the distinction ,careful selection .
We in solving philosophical problems from many aspects ,multi-angle thinking answer the problem ,try to consider the philosophical part four main principles can apply .Not in a group of similar or same theory circle .

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