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The eighty-fourth chapter - the eighty-seventh chapter

In the eighty-fourth chapter, from the Temple Church is nearly a full of junk alley, Remy .Lai gruder will it in the &quot ;&quot Jaguar limousine parked in a row ;industrial trash behind.
He turn the motor off ,look around movement. The lane empty. It out to the rear of the car door ,to go, then into the passenger compartment ,the monk was tied there. When tied in the back seat of the car monk noticed Remy in the side ,he seemed just from obsession prayer woke up with a start.
He red eyes full of curiosity ,rather than fear. The whole night, Remy to the friar unexpectedly to be able to regard with equanimity left a deep impression. First ,the monks in the range rover &quot &quot ;Lu Hu ;the car also struggled ,but now ,he seems to have accepted his fate ,becoming resign oneself to one together .
Remy collar on the bow ,solved the high starched wing collar ,feeling as for the first time in many years to be able to breathe freely. He walked to the limo bar ,poured himself a glass of &quot ;Si Mulu &quot ;vodka brand .
He has worked for a cup, then drank second cups. I soon Can become rich men .In bar cabinet in search of a pass, found a used for standard service to open the bottle prop ,then &quot ;&quot ;eject its sharp edge.
This tool ,which is generally used to cut the paste in the senior bottle cork on the gold foil ,but today morning ,it can be used to play a greater role .Remy turned ,for Sellars ,ADIDAS Porsche Design P5000,the flashing Hanguang blade up.
The red eyes ,immediately flashed slightest fear towards the rear .Remy smile away. Monks shrink ,in an attempt to shake off the shackles .&quot ;&quot ;still. Remy raised his knife ,said in a low voice .
Sellars didn believe in God for he is so cruel. Although physically ,he was suffering from being tied up in the pain ,but he can take it as a mental test. He told himself ,as long as he is suffering pulse beating ,cannot forget him Christ suffered misery.
Throughout the night he prayed until free .But now ,when the knife is cut off ,he could not help feeling and closed my eyes tightly .A pain instantly through his scapula. He cried ,Unable to believe that I will die in this luxurious car behind, but is unable to protect himself .
&quot ;I in serving God . said that God will protect me. &quot ;Sellars felt a pain made him feel the heat from his back and shoulders a diffuse ,and he imagined himself blood flow throughout the body look.
At this time, his knee was like tearing ache. He felt the familiar ,can make the perception to numb the pain - it is the body resistance to pain is produced when the ego defense mechanisms -- again.
That heart hot now filled Sellars .He keep your eyes closed more tightly, he would not before dying, see himself to kill the murderer. He thought of more young bishop aringarosa ,he stood in the front of a little church of Spain HH the church, he and Sellars built .
It is my starting point. Sellars feel like a fire .&quot ;drink. &quot ;the evening dress man spoke French accent and said in a low voice :&quot ;this helps to improve your blood circulation .
&quot ;a surprised Sellars opened his eyes .He vaguely see ,someone Leaned over ,and gave him a cup of liquid .The ground blade has no blood, lying near by a torn to pieces by the cable .
&quot ;drink this .&quot ;the man again. &quot ;you feel pain ,because blood flow to your muscles to .&quot ;Sellars felt himself no longer like before beating violently, just like what was stung general pain.
Vodka tastes really flattered ,but he still drank it. His heart was filled with gratitude. Fate has given tonight who suffer Sellars a favor ,but as long as God dancing he wont creation miracle hands ,will be able to solve all problems .
But God did not forget me. Sellars knows ,bishop aringarosa might say :&quot ;it is God in the intervention .&quot ;&quot ;I would like to let you go .&quot ;Remy full apology ground says :&quot ;but you know this is not possible.
First the police arrived at the Chateau Villette ,and then flew to BIGGIN Hill airfield .Until now ,I have the opportunity to put you .Sellars ,you know what ?&quot ;Sellars flinched ,was very surprised :&quot ;do you know me ?&quot servant laugh ;.
Sellars sat up ,rubbed his stiff muscles ,his emotions such as brew storms on rivers and seas ,which has be hardly worthy of belief ,grateful ,but also at a loss .&quot ;you -- you are a leader ?&quot ;Remy shook his head ,he said ,could not help laughing :&quot ;I wish I had that kind of supernatural powers.
No, I .I like you, but also for his service. The leader often boast you. My name is Remy .&quot ;Sellars be startled at :&quot ;I don ,if you are in his work, the reason why Landon will be a keystone to your house ?&quot ;&quot ;it is not my home ,is the study of the history ,the world historian Teabing thunder .
Sir .&quot ;&quot ;but where you live ah .Is it right? - &quot ;Remy smiled ,Landon seems to be hiding to Teabing Jazz home this apparent coincidence ,do not feel any embarrassment .
&quot ;this is completely can guess .Robert .Landon is a keystone ,and he needed someone to help ,so he went to ray .Teabing Jazz house ,what be perfectly logical and reasonable explanation ?I happen to live there ,so the leader will come to me first .
&quot ;he stopped stop :&quot ;how do you know clearly the leader Origin? &quot ;getting light ,and Sellars head is a bit dizzy also . I find a mine .Teabing Jazz tracks like a servant.
Is really smart .&quot ;I have a lot of not speaking to you .&quot ;Remy put that loaded the German heckler and Koch produced a pistol to him ,and then into the open isolation between ,from the glove box to find a small ,resulting in a revolver .
&quot ;but first of all, we have a lot of things to do. &quot ;captain FACHE from moored at BIGGIN Hill airfield transport walked down ,he listened carefully to the Kent police inspector tells just Teabing happened in the hangar ,is skeptical .
&quot ;I personally to the plane check .&quot ;Sir argued :&quot ;there .&quot ;his tone became overbearing .&quot ;I want say a few words ,if ray .Teabing Jazz sue me ,then I - &quot ;&quot ;then you asked the pilot ?&quot ;&quot ;no ,he was a Frenchman ,but our competence requirements - &quot ;&quot ;take me to the plane .
&quot ;FACHE to hangar ,in a minute ,He was in the luxury car stopped near the aisle to find a pool of suspicious blood. He went to the next plane ,forced on its fuselage .&quot ;open the door ,I is the French police department captain .
&quot ;the frightened driver hurried to open the cabin ,the gangway put down .FACHE to board the plane. Three minutes later ,his use of weapons ,finally forcing the driver confessed to everything, also mentioned the tied the monks ,the albino.
In addition ,he also knows the driver to see Landon and Sophie took something like wooden box or something - - put Teabing safe. Although the driver did not know what was in the box ,but he admits ,this box in France from a flight to London ,Landon has been the focus of attention.
&quot ;to open the safe. &quot ;FACHE ordered .The frightened: &quot ;I do not know the password. &quot ;&quot ;I can it ,I would like to let you keep flying license !&quot ;driver twisted hands :&quot ;here I know some repair work.
Maybe they can drill a hole in it .&quot ;&quot ;I give you half an hour Time. &quot ;the driver a stride to go radio equipment .FACHE strode to the back of the cabin ,poured himself a glass of wine .
It was early ,yet he did not sleep well ,so it was very difficult to make him until noon. He sat to the high chair, close eyes ,trying to be happening things straightened out .Kent police fault might let him pay a high price.
Now ,everyone watching a black &quot ;&quot Jaguar ;luxury car .FACHE telephone rang ,Click Here,and he hoped that can have a moment quiet. &quot ;&quot ;&quot ;hello? I flew to London Road. &quot ;Bishop aringarosa said :&quot ;after an hour to .
&quot ;FACHE sit up :&quot ;I thought you were going to Paris .&quot ;&quot ;I cannot rest ,so we changed the plan .&quot ;&quot ;you should not be so .&quot ;&quot ;you find Sellars? &quot ;&quot ;yet.
The kidnapping of his people before I arrived they deceive the local police ,run .&quot ;Bishop aringarosa anger Tang bubbled up :&quot ;can you promise me ,say you will catch the plane ,&quot ;FACHE loud :&quot ;bishop ,considering your present situation ,I tell you ,today you don try my patience .
I will as soon as possible to find Sellars and the others .You where the next plane ?&quot ;&quot ;&quot ;wait for a moment .He over the phone ,and then run back :&quot ;driver going through at London Heathrow airport .
I was the only passenger ,but the us to change course and not included on the original flight plan .&quot ;&quot ;then you tell him to fly to the BIGGIN Hill airfield in Kent ,I will let him pass the examination.
If you landed me not in ,I will send a car to pick you up .&quot ;&quot ;&quot ;&quot ;thank you .The bishop ,as I just said that to do wrong ,remember ,not only you risk losing everything .
So ,things would be easier .&quot ;the eighty-fifth chapter &quot ;you seek the orb ,this should be in the knight tomb. &quot ;the Temple Church on earth like without exception lay on his back ,head on rectangular pillow .
Sophie only felt the cool mentioned in the poem .&quot ;&quot ,can ball ;she remembered that night in her grandfather basement. See the picture .He married &quot ;&quot ;.Ball .Sophie didn in this chapel had held such a ceremony.
The circular room ,seems to be specifically for holding such a ceremony of the construction. A long back stone chair ,around a central patch .The amphitheatre ,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2,like Robert had said .She imagined that night, wearing the mask of people filled the room ,holding a torch repeatedly sings ,in the middle of the room on &quot of communion with God ;&quot ;event.
She managed to force myself not to think that, along with the Landon and Teabing together, to the first batch of debris like riding .Although Teabing adhere to the investigation to be careful ,Sophie still can to rush in front of them ,the five Knight statue statue looked at it again.
She carefully examine these graves ,careful observation of their similarities and differences .Each knight is lying on his back ,but three on earth legs straight .While the other two knights will legs together .
However ,this strange difference seems to be missing the ball doesn She carefully observe their clothes ,found two of them in the armor was wearing robes ,and other The three Knights wore robes for ankle .
It also explain nothing. Sophie then turned to pay attention to their other one is also the only difference -- that is, their different hand positions. Two Knight Sword in hand ,two in the folded hands prayed devoutly ,and one with arms akimbo .
Sophie looked for a long time ,just shrug ,she didn any missing cues that ball .She felt vest pocket password box component ,then back at Landon and Teabing eye - the two men walked slowly, they also look at the third statue of Knight statue miles ,but they apparently did not make any luck .
Her mood to wait ,turned to stone ,another group of riders to walk. She crossed the open space ,do not stop to recite the poem ,she can read many times, until now ,she can recite it.
&quot ;in London they buried a Pope interred knight. His behavior angered God ,because contrary to his will. You seek the orb ,this should be in the knight tomb. It speaks of rosy flesh and seeded womb .
&quot ;Sophie to the second Knight statue group by, she Found these figures with the first batch of no two .Although they lie on the floor ,wearing armour ,sword ,but the attitude is different.
But in tenth, it was the last tomb except. She busy running past ,wide-eyed and looked down .I could see what the pillow ,not to see armour ,didn wear robes ,also did not see it with his sword.
&quot ;Robert ,sir ray .&quot ;she cried out, the room could hear her echo .&quot ;there is something missing mile .&quot ;the two people coincidentally raised his head ,then start from across the room.
A head to her running. &quot ;you mean sphere ?&quot ;Teabing excitedly shouting ,while flying from the opposite ran his crutch .&quot ;&quot a tap ;intermittent noise. &quot ;is it right? Sphere does not see ?&quot ;&quot ;&quot ;Sophie never wrong.
Looking at the tenth Graves :&quot ;we seem to be missing a knight statue .&quot ;two men to her ,and looked puzzled at this tenth graves. They in the glade ,didn lie what Knight statue .
This tomb ,is a sealed stone box .This Stone box was trapezoidal ,bottom to top small ,widening ,above a tip of the lid. &quot ;the knight statue how disappear ?&quot ;Landon was asked in surprise.
&quot ;too interesting .&quot ;Teabing touch chin ,said :&quot ;such a thing I can forget .For many years I have come here .&quot ;&quot ;&quot ;this coffin .Said Sophie .&quot ;viewed from the outside ,as with the other nine tomb built at the same time from the same ,and a sculptor so ,this honour Knight like why not open ,but is in the boxes ?&quot ;Teabing shook his head :&quot ;this is the church a mystery .
As far as I know ,so far no one knows why .&quot ;&quot ;nothing ?&quot ;altar boy walked over ,look quite uneasy. &quot ;if I offended you, also ask for your pardon .However ,you tell me here scattered the ashes ,I can see how you like to visit ?&quot ;Teabing be ablaze with anger at him ,and then turned to Landon and said :&quot ;Mr.
Wren ,obviously your generosity doesn like before can you get here before enough time .So ,we also The ashes out processing it. &quot ;he turned to Sophie and said :&quot ;Mrs. Wren ,you say ?&quot ;Sophie followed in a play ,from her pocket the parchment paper wrapped in the password box out.
&quot ;OK .&quot ;Teabing in altar boy shouted: your &quot ;can you leave a little ?&quot ;altar boy standing still ,The twelfth chapter is required to wear,but to stare at Landon ,said :&quot ;you look very familiar .
&quot ;Teabing moved to anger :&quot ;perhaps this is Mr. Ryan to come here every year because of it. &quot ;then Sophie was afraid .Maybe he last year, the Vatican television broadcast saw Landon.
&quot ;I Mr. Wren .&quot ;altar boy claimed. &quot ;you mistaken. &quot ;Landon politely said :&quot ;I believe we met last year .Father Knowles just didn officially introduced us to it, can be I came in and recognize you .
OK, I know this much offended ,but ,if you give me a few minutes ,then I may now will walk away far away ,and her ashes scattered in a grave .&quot ;Landon speaks the word for a meal ,Teabing not live place head called is the altar boy looks even more .
Suspicious :&quot ;these can be not the grave .&quot ;&quot ;sorry ,what did you say? &quot Landon &quot ;interface ;asked .Of course they are grave .&quot ;Teabing loudly declared: &quot ;what you are talking about ?&quot ;altar boy shook his head :&quot ;Tomb buried the body.
But these statues. Is dedicated to reality presents. These figures below are no corpse .&quot ;&quot ;but this is a catacomb .&quot ;Teabing shouted. &quot ;only the obsolete history books will say so .
1950 churchtransformation period, people all believe that this is a tomb, but found nothing in it .&quot ;he turned and said to Landon :&quot ;but I thought Mr. Wren knew this thing ,because his family discovered this fact .
&quot ;the house was a disturbed the silence. Until the ancillary buildings door with &quot ;&quot ;opened ,finally broke the silence in the room. &quot ;must be father Knowles. &quot ;Teabing opened mouth :&quot ;would you like to have a look ?&quot ;altar boy don believe ,but still come swaggeringly to voice around the place ,leaving Landon ,Sophie and Teabing in three, the mood .
Yu faces at the .&quot ;Lei .&quot ;Landon whispered :&quot ;what he said ?A tomb no body ?&quot ;Teabing somewhat be confused in mind :&quot ;I don ,I always thought -- of course ,it must be the place .
I can what he is saying it .Is meaningless. &quot ;&quot ;can I have a look of that poem ?&quot ;Landon asked .Sophie from his pocket and the password box ,with great care to him. Landon launched the parchment ,read the poem ,while the password box in hand.
&quot ;yes ,this poem is certainly in alluding to the grave ,and not refer to statues. &quot ;&quot ;this poem there may be wrong ?&quot ;Teabing ask: &quot ;Jacques .Sony ,made me wrong ?&quot ;Landon thought, shook his head :&quot ;ray, you said you yourself .
This church is the priory of sion army the Templars constructed .There are signs that ,if some of the Knights Templar was buried here ,the priory of sion Presbyterian will think it is a good idea.
&quot ;Teabing terrified :&quot ;but this place is very good .&quot ;he suddenly turned to the knight statue .&quot ;we found that What !&quot ;altar boy into a subsidiary buildings ,was surprised to find that no one.
&quot ;father Knowles ?&quot ;I just hear the sound of the door opening which ,he thought. He walked forward ,until you can see the church entrance .A tuxedoed skinny man standing in the doorway ,scratched his head ,looked very blank.
Altar boy angry shouting ,realized just let others come forget to shut the door, so pathetic hayseed from outside on the street ran in, see his appearance ,but is looking to join the wedding route how to go.
&quot ;sorry .&quot ;he cried ,from a huge columns running alongside the past: &quot ;we yet. &quot ;behind him ,all of a sudden clothes rustling sound soughing .Altar boy could turn ,head is be reversed in the past one .
Only a strong hand ,tightly covered his mouth from behind ,so that his voice is not heard. It covers his hands white ,he smelled the smell of wine. The be poker-faced tuxedoed man ,quietly pulled out a small revolver ,straight at Altar boy .
Altar boy feel down to heat up ,he is aware of his own incontinence .&quot ;listen carefully .&quot ;evening dress man whispered :&quot ;I want you to leave here at once ,don say a word, and then run ,don Are you clear ?&quot ;altar boy couldn ,only desperately nodded .
&quot ;if you alarm words -- &quot ;evening dress man with gun low him :&quot ;we will find you .&quot ;altar boy so rapidly from out in the yard and ran out ,the moment did not dare to stop ,until your legs weak, be dead beat .
The eighty-sixth chapter of Sellars as a ghostly quickly around to attack back. And when Sophie found him ,it was too late. She had time to turn around ,Sellars had pointed a gun at her spine, and the sturdy arm around her waist ,she dragged back hard .
She exclaimed. .Teabing and Landon then turned ,on their face ,full of shock and fear .&quot ;you -- &quot ;Teabing hesitating in speaking to say: &quot ;you take Remi how ?&quot ;Sellars said calmly: &quot ;now you just let me take a keystone to leave here You can .
&quot ;Remy said ,to complete the recapture of keystone mission ,must be smooth and clean :enter the church ,the keystone to grab a hand, and then walked ;do not kill ,do not fight with others .
Hold on Sellars Sophie ,and his hand from her chest down ,moved to her waist ,and then into her waistcoat pocket ,search .Through his wine ,People's Literature,he could smell Sophie hair send out faint scent .
&quot ;Keystone ?&quot ;he whispered .Keystone earlier in her vest pocket. Where are they now ?&quot ;here !&quot ;Landon came from the other side of the room .Sellars turned and saw Landon holding a black password box ,in front of him dangling ,like the matador to tease dumb animal .
&quot ;put it down .&quot ;Sellars orders .&quot ;you let Sophie and Teabing leave here .&quot ;Landon replied :&quot ;only two of us will be able to solve the problem .&quot ;Sellars put Sophie away, with a gun at Landon ,went to him.
&quot ;you don .&quot ;Landon said :&quot ;let them leave. &quot ;& Quot ;you can tell me what condition. &quot ;&quot ;you can .&quot ;Landon put the password box above their heads :&quot ;I will not hesitate to put it on the floor ,there will be little bottle smashed into pieces.
&quot ;although Sellars surface on his threats a contemptuous disregard ,but his heart is still barely a trace of fear .It is really unexpected .He pointed a gun at Landon ,to calmly said :&quot ;you will never break it .
You ,want to find the Holy Grail .&quot ;&quot ;you have made a mistake ,you better than me want to get it .You ,in order to get it ,you would even be willing to kill. &quot ;forty yards ,Remy .
Lai gruder from arch near the ancillary buildings in the chair out first, he began to panic. Sellars didn planned before taking action. Even here ,he can see Sellars struggling to deal with the situation.
According to the leader command ,Remy is not let Sellars shot .&quot ;let them go .&quot ;Landon once again under the command ,he put the password box above his head ,glared at Sellars .
The monk is full of anger ,but also full of frustration ray .M heart pulled closer .He worried that Sellars would face still holding a password box password box shot Landon .Can fall !Password box is Remy to freedom and wealth ticket.
A year ago, he was just a servant at the age of fifty-five years ,live in the Chateau Villette .Courtyard ,all in order to meet the very boring guy thunder .Teabing Jazz have appeared strange ideas and be kept constantly on the run .
But then there are people who want to do a particular transaction .Remy and thunder .Teabing jazz - the famous global research grail historians -- the relationship between the special ,will to his lifelong dream of things.
After that, he continued to serve in the Chateau Villette ,finally ushered in front of this rare opportunity. I from the target is so close ,he said to himself ,eyes kept staring at the temple church chapel ,and the Robert Landon hand keystone .
.if Landon really put the password box hit ,that he was nothing .I want to personally ?That the strictly forbidden .Remy is the only known guru status person. &quot ;are you sure you want to allow Sellars to perform the tasks ?&quot ;less than half of small When before, Remy had to the leader ever .
At that time, he is waiting to receive steal keystone command .&quot ;a person I can deal with .&quot ;his tone firm: &quot ;Sellars and the other four the priory of sion members are doing well .
He will put the keystone back. You still have to conceal the identity .If people knew about you ,kill him ,but we also have to kill many .Anyway ,don reveal his identity .&quot ;I can make only superficial changes ah ,Remy thought.
You promised give me a handsome reward ?Had the money ,I head to toe into another person .The leader had told him ,do operation can even change the fingerprint miles. Soon he will be free -- he will put on an acquaintance recognize him ,handsome face ,bathed in the sunshine on the beach with .
&quot ;I understand that .&quot ;Remy says: &quot ;I will secretly helped Sellars .&quot ;&quot ;Remy ,you know .&quot ;leader told him :&quot ;the suspected tomb in the Temple Church ,so ,you need not worry ,they have the wrong place .
&quot ;Remy be startled at :&quot ;so you know grave in where ?&quot ;&quot ;of course ,I .Now you need to act quickly .If those people to find the exact location of the tomb ,and steal your get the password box before leaving the church ,that we just miss the person or opportunity and the Holy Grail .
&quot ;Remy has no resentment towards the Holy Grail ,but if you can it ,the leader refused to give him a reward .Every time I think about all that money ,he was excited. It is a nearly 6689euromoney .
The money ,he will leave here .His mind flashed in France blue coast beach town of beautiful landscape ,where he will spend the rest of his life ,sunbathing, let others in turn serve themselves.
But now ,in the Temple Church ,Landon threatened to break the keystone ,such ,Remy future is uncertain .It is not lost everything, he particularly uncomfortable, so he decided to venture .
His hand gun is a small secluded caliber J font &quot ;Medusa &quot ;brand revolver ,but in small range can cause fatal wounds. Remy in the dark out, quickly came to the round house Central ,he used the gun directly at Teabing head: &quot ;old guy ,I wait for you for a long time.
&quot ;Lei .Teabing Jazz see Remy pointing a gun at him, surprised even the heart stopped. What is he doing ?Teabing spotted his considering the safety and lock in the luxury car in the glove compartment of the revolver .
&quot ;Remy ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Schuhe,this is how you ?&quot ;Teabing get desperation . Landon and Sophie was also scared terrified .Remy clinging to the back of Teabing ,with the barrel of a gun at his left side facing the heart back Teabing had .
Muscles are tensed up :&quot ;Remy ,I didn -- &quot ;&quot ;I say it .&quot ;Remy grab confessed ,he from Teabing shoulders looks at the past, look at Landon. &quot ;the keystone down, or I will shoot .
&quot ;Landon was like a numb ..&quot ;you have to keystone for? &quot hesitating in speaking ;he said: &quot ;you can get it open. &quot ;&quot ;a fool be opinionated .&quot ;Remy sneered :&quot ;don noticed ,all night I have been listening to you talk about these poems do ?What I hear ,I also like other Than you know many people say that .
You even no place for you to find the tomb .Pure elsewhere too. &quot ;Teabing be thrown into a panic .What is he saying ?!&quot ;you have to the Holy Grail of dry what ?&quot ;Landon asked :&quot ;you want in the world before the end of destroy it ?&quot ;Remy to the monk said :&quot ;the keystone from Mr.
Landon to take the .&quot ;monk Landon step by step ,step by step back, he put the keystone high up, seemed ready to fall to the ground. &quot ;I would rather destroy it ,rather than let it fall inhuman hand.
&quot ;Teabing then felt a thrill of fear .He seemed to see his lifelong career will disappear in smoke in front of him ,all his dreams will turn to dust .&quot ;Robert ,don .&quot ;he cried out :&quot ;don !You hands but the Holy Grail .
.Remy won shoot me .We have known for ten - &quot ;Remy put one gun toward the ceiling .The pistol is so small, but the sound is too large .Gunfire echoed in the stone house ,just like -- lose one .
&quot ;I do not make fun of .&quot ;Remy says: &quot ;then I went to shoot him after Back .The keystone to Sellars. &quot ;Landon was reluctant to hand ,Sellars went to ground .His red eyes filled with revenge after pleasure.
He put heart into arch Shi Fang robe pocket pistol ,then backed away, still at the Landon and Sophie two. Teabing .The neck is Remy tight .Remy dragged him outside ,began to recede ,pistol against his back.
&quot ;let him go .&quot ;Landon ordered. &quot ;I will take Teabing ,go out for a drive. &quot ;Remy is still backward .&quot ;if your alarm ,I kill you him. If you want to interfere, I will kill him .
Do you hear? &quot ;&quot ;take me to .&quot ;Landon became hoarse excited because .&quot ;put Sir ray go! &quot ;Remy laughed :&quot ;well, I and he ,Nike Air Force 1 Supreme,but he could also be useful are very large .
&quot ;Teabing would stick out behind her ,he was Remy pushed to the exit .When Sellars began to move back up ,but his pistol and always at Landon and the Sophie two people .The tone of Sophie is very strong :&quot ;you are to who.
?&quot ;hearing this, Remy laughs .Ecstasy :&quot ;miss Neveu ,say it will let you be startled at .&quot ;the eighty-seventh chapter Chateau Villette living room fireplace cold ,however, Lieutenant collet is in front of it around, he read the Interpol to give him a fax .
All his surprise .According to the official notes ,Jeremy Scott Adidas,Andre Vernet .Is a model citizen .The police do not have any information about his criminal record ,even a parking ticket or not. He has in the preparatory school and Paris university educated ,with excellent results obtained a degree in international finance .
According to Interpol ,Vernet name often appeared in all the newspapers ,and are some positive news .Obviously, he participated in the Zurich savings bank security system design ,which make it become the world leader in electronic security system .
According to Vernet personal credit card data display ,he is an art book lovers ,all kinds of precious wine hobby ;he loves classical music -- he is in the majority of the works of Brahms ,he is bought several years ago that a special advanced stereo system EC to appreciate the music .
Have gained nothing .Collet can not help but sigh .This evening, from the international criminal police organization providing intelligence point of view, the only bright spot was obviously Teabing servant left the print .
At the other end of the house ,PTS sit in a comfortable chair ,reading handed investigation of materials .Looking over the collet .&quot ;what found no ?&quot ;prosecutors shrugged :&quot ;this is Remy .
Lai gruder fingerprints .Because he made a minor crimes have been arraigned .No big deal .As if he is to enjoy the convenience of free phone calls ,reload the telephone jack and school out of HH later went to catch up in a sneaky way ,out ,put out to be arrested again .
Once do emergency tracheotomy operation ,he was still in the hospital issued the bill cheating .&quot ;he raised his head ,giggling .&quot ;say what peanut oil to produce an allergic reaction .
&quot ;KOLE nodded ,he remembered once the police to a restaurant to make investigation, the restaurant was not in menu marked meat hot sauce containing peanut oil .The results have guests sat down on the table to eat a bite ,because produce allergic reactions to peanut oil And suddenly died.
&quot ;Lai gruder to avoid being arrested ,probably lived here. &quot ;prosecutors a happy :&quot ;the night of his lucky enough .&quot ;KOLE sighed :: &quot ;well, you with captain FACHE said .

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