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Serial high frequency switching mode power supply for battery im

6 frequent blackoutsregion charging method 6.1current limitvalue parameters to adjust current switching power supply for battery charging current limit value is set for general 0.1C10A,it is proposed to adjust for the 0.
15~0.2C10A( should make corresponding adjustments according to the season ) ,but the maximum charging current is not more than 0.25C10A ,so as to shorten the charging time ,increase the battery charging stage is filled in electricity .
6.2proper extension ofequalization charging time according to the base station power frequency and time ,if the power is out more and outage time long ,recommendations for the switch power supply of equalization charging time discriminating parameters ( charging time and charging current value discriminant ) adjusted ,extension of equalization charging time ,can be set to extend 20%~30%;another suggested that adjusting switching power supply equalization charging time set ,the original set of general 3 monthstime adjustment for 1 months or less,the battery equalization charging .
6.3 to improve thelow voltage protection setting value on the base combination switch power supply battery undervoltage protection setting voltage value is reset ,improving battery under-voltage protection setting voltage ,try to avoid battery discharge and depth of discharge ( small current discharge ) ,set specific requirements are as follows ,switch The source of a power set voltage requirement of not less than 46V ,under the two electricity setting voltage must be greater than 44V ,suggested settings in 44.
4V. onthe load current is less than 1/3I10A base station,the discharge time as far as possible, not more than 24h ,shall be cut off. The concrete in the switching power supply is arranged with 6.
4 onhas been vulcanized battery to sulfur removal to begin charging ,if the battery charging voltage on the high side, illustrate the battery internal resistance is too great. If battery voltage is low, illustrate the battery power .
The battery charging for 2~3 hours ,then the battery charging voltage detection, observation battery charging voltage changes. If the battery charging voltage changes from high to low ,illustrate the battery internal resistance is reduced ,can have the probability of continued use ,if is the battery charging voltage is still high ,maintain higher charging voltage ,Baidu said split, change a place maybe Baidu had been removed _ to the _ Sina blog...,that accumulator vulcanized seriously, for curing severe battery to do except sulfide maintenance.
7 ambient temperaturemaintenance 7.1 battery temperatureand internal resistance of the battery when the battery temperature relationship ,electrolyte activity strengthen ,the internal resistance of the battery is reduced ;when the battery temperature is lowered, the electrolyte activity weakened, the internal resistance of the battery is increased .
A large number of test data sheet Ming ,when at low temperature ( 25?),battery internal resistance with temperature changes significantly ;when the temperature is high ( 25 ?),battery internal resistance with temperature changes slowly .
Therefore ,as required under the standard temperature of battery internal resistance of battery internal resistance ,deal with the measured temperature correction in floating manner .The valve regulated lead-acid batteries ,when the temperature rises ,due to internal resistance is reduced, the floating charge current increases ,The education of love fourth chapters,the conductive element of corrosion ,and the service life is reduced.
On the other hand ,when the temperature is low ,on the internal resistance of the battery to the load increases ,will not be able to release energy .So ,VRLA battery temperature monitoring and the environment temperature is very necessary.
But also the need for a charging voltage temperature compensation ,in order to avoid high temperature and low temperature charge under charging .. 7.2 floating charge voltageand temperature dependence of the battery after putting into use ,first of all to be charged ,i.
e. all charge. At 25 ? the voltage value of 2.35+/-0.02V ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings,charging time in 16~20 hours .If not in the standard temperature should amend the charging voltage ,only in the battery fully charged condition to check capacity test ,i.
e. initial capacity by 95% check ,for discharge capacity affected by temperature Degree should be based on the formula :Type : t- discharge when the environment temperature ;the temperature coefficient of K- ,10h rate discharge capacitytest K=0.
006/ ? K=0.003/ ?3Hrate capacity test of 1Hrate capacity test at 25 ? K=0.01/? Ce-battery nominal capacitance value should pay attention to is that ,during operation, valve control battery floating charge voltage and temperature have a close relationship, the floating charge voltage should be done according to the environment temperature the appropriate correction from the type is apparent, when the temperature was below 25 ?too much,if the valve control battery charging is set to 2.
27V ,Be struck with fright night duty,certainly will makes valve control battery charging .Similarly,, if the temperature is above 25 ?too much,if the floating charge voltage of VRLA battery is set to 2.27V ,certainly will makes VRLA battery overcharge .
In shallow discharge condition ,VRLA batteries at 25 ? for2.27Voperation for a period of time is able to supplement their energy .In the depth of discharge conditions, valve control battery charging voltage can be set 2.
35~2.40V/C( 25 ?),limiting point set 0.1c. had certain time added capacity, and then transferred to the normal floating operation. It should be noted that ,Jeremy Scott Adidas,due to the battery plate active material from the surface to the interior of the full chemical reactions need certain time ,therefore Recommendations of two charge and discharge time interval should be more than 10 days.
A longer charge time then discharge depth relative to deep. Regularly modify cell system,ADIDAS Porsche Design P5000, the value of the floating voltage environmental temperature monomer battery voltage V total voltage V 352.
21 53.04302.2353.52252.2554202.2654.24152.2854.72102.3055.252.3255.68due to the batterysystem the value of the floating voltage temperature the impact is bigger, so it should be according to the battery system used in ambient temperature changes and timely correction system of charging voltage can be set and adjusted annually ,usually 2~4 times.
The monitoring center or OMC once receiving base station alarm after power failure ,close attention should be paid to the base station operation ,once the wireless signal interruption of more than 6h ,shall promptly notify the base station maintenance personnel portable generator to the scene to power ,to ensure that the battery from discharge after termination can be a timely charge ,prolonging service life of accumulator .
Use monitoring system allows early detection of battery failure ,some can according to the requirements of automatic detection battery discharge condition of the battery were floating charge conversion switch power supply ,shall be required in the monitoring center for remote manual remote control switching rectifier power supply of battery charging .
City Electrical returned to normal after the switch rectifier for battery charging not ,maintenance staff according to the actual capacity of the battery discharge ,at the distal end of the power and environment monitoring system timely adjustment of switching power supply equipment for charging current of battery and floating charge conversion ,in the monitoring center for remote manual remote control switch power rectifier for battery charging .
So only battery in charge full floating operation condition, the storage battery capacity accurately had requirement ,also make the battery actual use environment close to the design life environment ,so the discharge time is prolonged .
8dailybattery maintenance work battery maintenance practical work: 8.1 monthly1~2base stationblackout ,discharge time average 4~5hours.The need for manual charging ,Artificial Supplementary battery capacity, the floating charge voltage must improve to 54V above.
8.2batterydamage is a major cause of oil engine made. Each oil engine should be finished manually charging ,prevent battery charging less damage. 8.3frequent blackoutscaused by battery power serious insufficient charge ,the result is a oil engine mounting losses, more deficient more ,finally had to send .
So in the course of the generation of the transmission power at the same time ,two sets of battery group must be separated from the load ,it is because of its dependence on oil machine for battery charging is impossible to put electricity is enough .
8.4batterymanufacturers to provide the value of the floating voltage ,cannot be applied to the base battery charging set ,according to the actual situation set ,float total voltage value should be raised to 54.
2v-54.5v. 8.5monthlyfrequent power failure of base station ,should increase the floating charge voltage and current limiting value. For example the floating voltage is 53.5V to 54.2~54.6V,limiting value 0.
1C is adjusted to 0.15~0.18C. 8.6forswitching power supply battery maintenance parameter setting ,can not be completely in accordance with the requirements of battery manufacturers set ,according to the actual operation situation make flexible adjustment of the battery .
Battery capacity of 8.7earlylosses ,such as battery 200Ah loadcurrent of 20A, discharge time from 10 hoursto 5 hoursdecrease . Treatment methods are improving floating charge voltage and current limiting value ,with larger current on the sulfation plate activation .
8.8batteryloss is severe .For example battery 200Ah loadcurrent 20A discharge time from 10 hoursto 2 hours ofdecline ,processing method must be used to frequency pulse charging instrument for the entire group .
9Application of Figure 10 is a mobile communication base station battery float charging voltage operation data ,the picture is a whole group of storage battery in this operating time of the floating voltage group dispersion ,in which A moment of the whole group of storage battery maintenance ,can be seen clearly ,online maintenance ,the battery float charging voltage of discrete small ,the consistency was good.
Figure 10 maintenancebefore and after the battery voltage and the dispersion in Figure 11 ,saw two battery float charging voltage is significantly higher ,and in this phase of the operation ,fluctuation ,the figure 11 is one of20#battery float charging voltage dispersion performance ,which B time of the battery charge and discharge maintenance ,from Figure 11 ,,20# batteryfloat charging voltage dispersion in maintenance was good ,and the dispersion itself changes fluctuations are significantly smaller .

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